I had cancer



A few years ago I had cancer
I discovered a melanoma, skin cancer, that I know are of the most dangerous and difficult to cure cancers if left.
I noticed an area that could only be seen with a mirror on the upper back of my left leg due to an itching which was making to scratch myself frequently.
I saw he had an almost round, bulging area with a red ring all around, about 3 cm in diameter and left me no doubt; it was a melanoma; irregular red ring around the swollen area, notorious itching, growth had to be fast in a few days, etc., an clear example of melanoma.
I used my knowledge to try to eradicate it.
I immediately looked for a magnet of larger diameter than the affected area, and I beared it fixed with tape over a month day and night.
It was a Neodymium magnet, very powerful; after I realized that it was too powerful magnet; should have used a ceramic magnet (ferrite), for the area to treat was very close.
For healing purpuses serves any industrial magnet, but the polarity is very important because we can get the opposite effect to the desired.
The healing pole is found hanging the magnet with a long, thin thread; the pole that remains facing the south of the Earth that is the Healing Pole; the other pole reinforces and increases.
In less than a week after lifting a little bit the magnet that I had stuck, I saw that the melanoma had declined by almost half the diameter and the swelling had diminished a lot too.
After a month watching and changing the tapes, I took it for cured and solved the issue and I withdrew all; now it was as it was before, a small mole.
I was watching it closely the next few months; the problem is that in about two months I noticed that began to grow again and I was alarmed.
I went back to get a magnet, this time smaller and again in a few days it seems that again disappeared.
I saw that with the magnet removed after a season start growing again.
The solution I took was cutting and too drastic.
I know cancer develops in an acid environment and can not survive in an alkaline medium; I usually have with me an alkalizing called Alkalife; I soaked a cotton ball directly with Alkalife, which is extremely alkaline and to my surprise after passing the cotton by the swelling it went away as if would be just a patch of foam; in this area remains today a small sink but the problem disappeared until today; I burned an area of adjacent good tissues because of the extreme alkalinity, but I no longer worried about the matter, as I have reviewed many times the area and has no symptoms of reproduction; I think I should have diluted a little the preparation.
Now what I have is an area of just an area of over 2 cm in diameter with a slightly darker skin and disappeared forever the small mole that had in this place.
Surely, having been stuck a much smaller ceramic magnet * for a few months after the first time I thought everything was already fully cured, the problem had really disappeared; but eliminating the mole with the highly alkaline substance also disappeared all problems. At least seven years have passed already and I have not suffered anymore such condition.

Our dear "science" has also hidden that the healing pole of any magnet alkalize and have been done many tests with mice that were injected with cancer cells; if this cells injection is done to the mice when they are weak for any reason, these mice adquire cancer and large cancerous lumps appear on them. Well, scientists showed that most mice with cancers heal after exposure to the South Pole, the healing pole of a permanent magnet**.

To find the healing pole, we have to hang the magnet of a long thin thread and see what pole stops facing the south of the Earth; that is the healing pole and we must be careful not to confuse, as the other pole produces the opposite effect.


 For us this theraphy only works if the cancer area is not at a deep level as it is required that the magnetic field arrives wth enough force; the magnetic field force decreases with the square of the distance to the surface of the magnet, so it is not suitable for treatment at depths of more than ten centimeters even using neoymium magnets.


To be instructed on the topic of healing cancer with magnets read the book MAGNETISM AND ITS EFFECTS ON THE LIVING SYSTEM of the scientists Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls, Jr.


This whole book is interesting, but especially the Chapter 9



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* A small ceramic magnet is very easy to wear glued to the skin, without causing discomfort

**really on the healing magnets the healing pole is called South Pole, but the name doesn´t really matter if this pole remains facing to the south of the Earht when the check is done (hanging the magnet with a long wire)