We are Creators


As you continued creating in the matter, you were compelled to experience all the creations here so you could enjoy the treasure of his reality in the form of feelings.

When life on this plane turned into a continuous creative principle, you focused so much on these creations and you were identified so much with the body that you soon forgot the divine fire that is within you and you remained trapped in the body experience.

From the time when you forgot who you are, your search has been to find yourselves  again through the beliefs in heaven and the burning fires of hell; through love, religion, dissension and war; through whatever could you do find the power of your god and the eternity of your life.


Creator: You created your grief; you have created your depression and your anger. You've created your misery, your hurt and despair. You've created your joy and happiness; you have created every moment of your life and, with each creation, you win feelings that give you a better understanding of the fire that lives within you called, if you want, Almighty God.

Why have you returned to this plane? To complete your identity as God. That is simply the reason.



Ramtha – Selected Teachings 


Only awareness can soar over our situation and return to act in accordance the BEING that lives within each of us



The great secret that has been hidden to the human species is that thought creates both experience and reality.

All reality is created by thought. All experience is subjective. But electromagnetically you are controlled in such way as to create experience within a certain limit of reality.


Barbara Marciniak  -  Bringers of the Dawn




Ask and you will receive. However, on the steps of the ascension, the prayer is at the very beginning, as when children still need a hand to walk.

In adulthood of the process of spiritual autonomy, prayer is a comfortable retreat that denies your primary gift. In fact, you create, but we are always embedded within a frame of forces; so when you decide and create something, all the universe creates with you same. That is the Co-creation.

Feel into you the strength of that great plot and live it as a reality.

Count forever on us, but do not delegate on us your miracles. You can do it; and now you must do; there is no other way to evolve and ascend.

Dream. Do not refrain your dreams.

Imagine. Create. Specify your dreams. Make them reality.

Do not settle with the desire and hypothesis, create the new reality.

It is not real want to be bright, or be wise or be good, or be strong.

Simply be it, practice it, realize it, verbalize it, live as if you already were.

Create your reality. Create yourself. Change.

There is no other option to advance, to ascend and to live that "fullness" that you not even suspect how great it is.

If you do not dream, if not crave ... you do not create.

If you do not project your spirit to somewhere, you only give turns in circles.

Mobilize your spirit toward some side.

Remember once again that the error does not exist, that only thed experienceexists.

Imagine, invent, mutate, use your love and power without fear of making mistakes.

You will never go wrong, just will experience and explore.

The path of experimentation of the thousands of territories that exist, either darker or brighter, more winter or more spring, always leads to the same place, to meet the atom-germ from which we come.


Marta Povo - Channeling Mary Magdalene, the companion of Jesus