The great fallacies of humanity



There are five things we can do if we want to change this world and prevent its destruction


These are the five steps to peace

1- Recognize that some of our beliefs about God no longer work
2- Recognize that there is something we do not understand about God and life whose understanding will change everything
3- Choose to be ready for a new understanding of God and life
4- Choose to be brave enough to explore and examine this new understanding and if it agree with our inner truth and knowledge expand our belief system
5- Choose to live our lives as a testimony of our highest and grandiose beliefs and not as negations


Doesn´t matter if people believe in God or not; all people have beliefs about life

God and life are the same; HE is the energy that call life


Beliefs about God creating crisis, violence, murder and wars are:


The five fallacies about God

1- We believe that God needs something
2- We believe that God can not get from us what HE needs
3- We believe that God has separated us from Him because we have not given Him what HE needs
4- We believe that God still needs what HE needs so desperately that wants us to give it from our separate position
5- We believe that God will destroy us if we do not meet His requirements


We also believe that when we create crisis, violence, assassinations and wars we do to fulfill what God has asked us; many people believe that you can kill because that is the will of God


The five fallacies about life are:


1- Humans are separated from each other
2- There is not enough of what human beings need to be happy
3- For that of which there is not enough, humans must compete with each other
4- Some humans are better than others
5- It is good that humans solve serious discrepancies created by other fallacies killing each other
These five fallacies about life combined with the five fallacies about God created a set of errors that brought to this world deep anger, brutal violence, terrible losses, much pain and unceasing horror

Do not listen to any human being or any space being to declare himself more special than any of us

If someone tries to show himself more special than any other, if someone tries to show him separated from the rest of humanity, as your savior, messiah, etc., run away from him as fast as you can
Your real guides would advise to follow the God into you.

Every human being is as special as any that ever lived, live or will live.

Each and every one of us are messengers and carry a message to life about life every day; every hour, every moment, all that we say and do is a message.
Our whole life is a teaching.
We are all the same thing
The entire universe is made of the same matter
We can call it God, or life or energy but that will not make it different
Therefore we can not be separated from God


All things are alive; there is nothing that is dead matter
There are no inert objects in the Universe
If we put as an example a rock:
Within it all is movement, because its atoms are made of protons, neutrons, electrons, hadrons, baryons, mesons, quarks, antiquarks, leptons, neutrinos, muon, tau, etc., all different elements of energy moving at high speed .


The same is what exists within us
All this is kept by the BEING, the First Cause, with his thought
This includes both us and the rocks; we are all the same thing and this is called LIFE

That is, God and we are one

We must be willing to allow the ideological shift which in turn permits the change in our ways of doing
We must be bold
For the most part these ideas have been taken from the channeled book The New Revelations of Neale Donald Walsch