The meaning of hell


We must not resign

Always they try to submit us under false pretenses to bear our  blames or to think that this world is the result of evil *, as erroneously proposed the Gnostics.
The deception of Christianity was the sin and did we were born stained with what they called "original sin", in other manipulation of the people of Darkness.
We currently have people proposing the theme of "Egregore" of evil that created this world.

We come from the Light, and all the Creation, and will return to the Light.


In order to experience millions of experiences and emotions related with them the dual worlds were created and with these the "lack of Light" was created, what we call darkness, evil.

Everything happens here and now, at this time, the past, the present and the future and our future is tied to our choices; the different dimensions of existence intermingle in this our environment. That is why every time we choose the darkness, the lack of light, we influence our environment and in the other dimensions sending low frequency waves that are returned to our environment from the other dimensions; if many people tune with those waves a "Form of Thought" with a lot of power is created and this can lead to think that this world comes from darkness or is governed by it.


But it also would be born a powerful "Form of Thought," "egregore" or tulpa, as called by the Tibetans, if many people care of always acting according to the light, the good, and many more people tune with those waves that were sent and that are returned from the other dimensions.


We always must try to establish a balance between Light and Darkness and not let us to be abducted as lineage so that we never will know how to get out of the darkness or to attempt we can not even glimpse the existence of the Light. In order to grow spiritually on the trip by the dual worlds, Darkness is necessary because our growth depends on it **   so that we can show what we are with respect to it, if we choose it or no with each of our proofs. But to return home, out of the prison of the worlds of the duality we need to choose the Light. In our environment the Darkness must exist, but in a balanced way, without it predominating over the Light and the balance must be achieved by us as a group. Individually we should choose almost forever the light to escape from this prison that voluntarily we came to experience.


It is another form of deception to give up and facilitate our subjugation leading us to think that all relative to this world comes from Darkness. These deceptions are always hatched by the people of Darkness, and people from among us spread them without suspecting deception, to bring us their total control after having been stripped from our Light, which is the basis of our Power.

El Libertario
* If we accept this, it will mean resignation to the evil
** Without Darkness we would stagnate as in a "Garden of Eden" and the experiences that give rise to great emotions would cease to exist

What is the reality of that place called hell? Hell is a level of consciousness that may be experienced inside or outside the body. This is a lonely place where one is not allowed to communicate with anything except the reality itself.

Souls do not come into this level, unless they need to experience it for their own growth. Many people who commit suicide have to go through this hell created by themselves to be aware that this is not what they want. The soul must learn that it has no right to break off his own life, that can not kill or hurt others, or judge others, because we have no knowledge of what they came to do and learn.

Many people at one time or another have experienced this plane. Alcoholics who experience delirium tremens and people that take drugs also can see it. It is a plane of total darkness in which we must face the fears that we have created in our minds. You must understand that fears are not real, unless we want to give them a reality. As soon as we are able to look at them straight in the face, they disappear.

This lower level is not for punishment itself, but to give us the opportunity to face the negativity created by oneself and overcome it.

Hell mentioned in many traditions is symbolic of the kundalini energy that dwells within the seven chakras or energy centers in man. Fire symbolizes the cleansing and purification of the soul.

The struggle between the higher self and the lower self, or what some call God and the Devil, produces growth, until finally the negative or destructive elements are overcome completely.

The death doesn´t exist  -  Betty Bethards

Hell is a state of consciousness, like Heaven ... Heaven is a state of purity, a state of tenderness. And if you die with that condition or transcends in that condition, you will find your Heaven because you have created it. You have believed in the tenderness, have believed in peace and believed in love, then you go to the level that you built while alive.

But those who live on the chaos on earth will not have Heaven, they will create a hell and will be in confusion, but is its own hell created by themselves. There is no hell as such, are the minds of men that create awareness levels where dwell and where they live.

Do not build or do not believe in hells on earth, so you will not have hell when you leave. The Master said, "Seek the Kingdom of God" What is the Kingdom of God? All that is positive, love, tenderness, patience, friendship; not the hell that you know. Hell does not exist and there is not a man with horns, or with a tail, or anything. All that is belief of men to make submit to you, humanity, a power through fear. And who goes with fear of God is not true. To God one goes for Love, God is reached by the Love, not out of fear. The man is reached by fear.




The treatment we suffer by the reptiles *, of which we are his cattle, is a true reflection of the treatment we inflict on the animals. Reptiles are our reflection: hate them is hate us, and we have all the reason in the world. First we must change our behavior with the animals we raise torturing and massacred indolently, and our reflection will disappear by itself. We are payed with the same currency as us.

While we are not aware and change of attitude, it will be good our secrets torturers are there to remind us it.

The plot of the reptilians - Frank Hatem  (Les Cinc Clefs)
*the reptilian beings




The world economy is taken by the Khazars, who serve the Secret Government, and continue their secret rituals of fear and blood to offer their hidden masters. They have a mission to perform for their masters and these always require people who betray their race (the human race), because their masters do not act directly, they just command and pay well.
The turning point, that in which things start to change, will be marked when a sufficiently large group among us unite its collective unconscious to establish the Unconditional Love on Earth. But this means leaving the selfish point of view, this that only watch for one, for one's family, its group, its nation, etc. This turning point means have grown spiritually (never religiously) a large number of people, big enough to tilt the balance on the side of Light *.


El Libertario

* Only then will end most of the hardships on Earth