understand divine being

There is an innate balance in all things, dying and being born, building and breaking, pushing and pulling, heating and cooling. The consciousness crystallizes and later dissolves in the perpetuity of the Being. Everything is working exactly according to the purpose of the Universal Mind; everything is thrown into existence and then returned to the not manifested, progressing and evolving from one state to another, eternally seeking increasing perfection.
From this Totality, the state of complete perfection and absolute consciousness that creates all existence, emerges (as part of that experience) the infinite cosmometry of universal design through which aspects of the creative force, the Totality, constitute in self-aware units, sparks of flame, entities of consciousness "I am".
That's what we mean by the term "soul" -a spark of the Eternal Flame of Creation jumping from fire and burns with his incandescent light through countless experiences, never been extinguished, so that it can finally take back to the Source what has created, resolved and illuminated.
She opens a way in the great spiral of ascension, recording to fire its vibrations in the matrix of the cosmometric proportions and its design -the superstring of consciousness that cross the body of All That Is. At the beginning of this trip, when the soul plunges into the abyss, the light shining from that infinitesimal spark is at its dimmest moment and that's when and where the material ambits are created.
There, in the density, is where your solar deity, Ra, usually resides, and it is from these reduced vibrations where ye are emerging. That's the ultimate experience of the macrocosmic beings in the universe ... as is yours, as microcosmic representations of all that glitters in the Cosmos of the Soul.


Patricia Cori

I believe that there is no being that is superior to another being, neither Ascended Masters, nor Avatars, nor Logos, nor Angels, nor Guides, etc.


I believe that the true GOD does not think himself superior to anyone; we are all parts of Him in a more or less evolved state of consciousness and spirituality.


The BEING, GOD, despite being ONE with all that is, with everything that exists, created other parts of Him of great level of consciousness* and these parts began to create the various worlds in the different dimensions or different frequencies in which the beings can exercise their conscience.


Our adventure, which is the adventure of the BEING, consists in evolving in consciousness from the state of matter corresponding to the inanimate world (stones, for example), to the level of consciousness of GOD, passing by many levels of consciousness achieved through our work and personal awakening.


  Our brothers of high level of consciousness and spiritual level would never consider themselves superior to us, but more evolved; they are in stages for which we will pass.


Feeling superior is a sign of a deficient degree of spirituality level, that is to say, of little evolved consciousness. After much evolution we will reach the lighter density levels, those of higher frequency, the closest to the BEING.


And, what does the BEING gets with all this? HE gets that HE knowns Himself experimentally; so HE lives myriads of situations and emotions through billions of beings, some with individual souls and others with group souls (animals and plants) and in this way HE will not only know Himself as a great concept. He maintains with HIS MIND all the Universes that His parts, the Logos, decided to create, and maintains also with HIS MIND to each of us and our creations.


What Will We Create?


El Libertario

*they are known as Logos



As soon as the Hierarchy is admitted in the higher worlds*, the existence of beings prevailing over other beings is given place; it is given place to the abuse and that some believe themselves greater than another oppressing to those they believe smaller.


  I believe that the pretended Hierarchies on the other worlds, except for the Astral Plans (the densest after the 3D plane), exist because of the interests of some people among us to justify the various social status and slavery in our world; these people invented the various degrees or levels here and even in the "heavens".


I think it is all a gross manipulation by the interests of the elites and by the chiefs of the sects, mainly the secret sects.


I imagine big beard and big nostril men** scheming about the existence of these Hierarchies of the "heavens" and putting names to the different hierarchical levels, but we have to realize in what finish these hierarchies which come from people who consider those who are not of their 'class' as mere animals.


Nor is it an excuse for the establishment of Hierarchies on the basis that it is "material channeled", because if one does not put much care in filtering what beings contact us we will end up bringing to our world some doctrines based on the interests of the Darkest beings of the Creation, and if of superiority of some beings over others is treated, there will always be deception.


Do you believe that a true Master, like the Master Jesus, a being who come to our world to teach the basic concepts of spirituality would teach that a being is superior to another simply by being more evolved in the spiritual, by having more material possessions, by being in another social status or having more power?


Do you believe that good beings could have devised a Reincarnation, distorting the simple and just idea of it, as to accommodate a priestly class to the peak of power and well-being and let a class to be absolutely despised as the so-called Pariahs?


No matter the Prophets or the beings that talk through them; what matters is that his teachings are of Light, that is to say, based on Unconditional Love and that propitiate in his followers the realization of works by Unconditional Love due to the spiritual quality of those teachings.

El Libertario
*those we call skies

The child will become a man; who would be able to consider him an inferior being because he did not know about our world, because he did not know how to multiply, etc.?


Likewise we can compare the Young Souls, those newcomers to the dual worlds to be able to rise in spirit by making a journey until they can understand again Who They Are, and beings highly evolved in the spiritual, beings that we would be able to see as Gods by their ability to transform matter instantly with only their will, to make cures instantly, etc., but this does not mean that they are beings superior to us, but only means that they are much more evolved in the spiritual.


Ours is the experience of the journey to Plenitude going through multiple stages.

El Libertario

Your brain serves to make your body work. Here you are on a ship. It is an illusory ship, although people do not realize it, because we are creating it in microseconds. These curtains open and close at every instant, creating this reality that you see around you, but does not really exist. Everything is Spirit. Everything is energy, but we are creating it. People do not realize that Man created time, in a sense.

In essence, time does not exist.

It does exist when we create it, and then things have beginning and end. That's what we call time. But in a broader reality, there is no time.


Otis Carr (1904-1982) - creator of Tesla-based UFOs at his company OTC Enterprises, and Tesla's partner




Normally in the primary stages of evolution, your essence is trapped within a psychic cage; this cage is basically constructed by the eyes of other human beings. Your psyche is bound and chained to the laws, beliefs, or judgments that other men have invented. In this process of chain-linking, man does not think or feel for himself, but rather makes, like a puppet, what is expected of him, following the stream of the imposed norms. He reacts as the rules of that game command, the laws of society, but very often, very often, those rules imposed on him do not coincide with what his heart feels, nor with what his soul knows.


Being obedient only to the eyes of other men, he becomes disobedient to the voice of his spiritual essence, to the laws of evolution and love. If he were faithful, responsible and consistent with his divine being, with that voice of his soul that knows exactly what his evolutionary process is, if man were true to himself, he would often not be able to follow the rules of social play. There are many moments that oneself must decide to take an essential step, give a new impulse to his life, make a turn, do something that is not provided by the standard behavior of human society. If you take that spiritual path, if you listen and are honest with your inner voice, you become spiritually responsible for your life; but if you continue to do what social inertia dictates, you act as an irresponsible from the point of view of your evolution.

Marta Povo