Creation of reality and liberation


If many of us come to understand that we are the creators of our reality and that matter is a product of our mind through our collective unconscious, if we understand that the power is in us as a group and that the reality is a scenario that we prepare to star all our experiences, it is easiest we would choose a fairly benign environment in which to manifest us.


This is what at all costs those who handle us want to avoid, the people of power, that we realize about our greatness, that we are the creator gods, because then they could not handle us and they would be in excess in our reality.


It is the mind that creates the reality and the environment in which to manifest us and we fall into disgrace when we ignore this thereby losing the power; but we have to focus on the good as collective if what we want is a more benign reality in which to manifest us so that united to create the positivity, the Universe will put to our service in all its magnificence.


I repeat: the power is in us, we are the key as a collective to create the most wonderful and the most contemptible reality.


We are as group who allow the action of our enslavers due to feed our minds with what weakens them and due to the ignorance that follows to the fact of having given our power, passing to feed our mind, the creator of our reality, with lies and tendentious teachings of those who perpetuate as our dominators.


Probably you do not accept yet these ideas, but everyone has ahead millions of years in many thousands of lives so that this is something that we will come to accept as the greatest truth of all and the truth that guides our lives.


El Libertario