Granite pillars of the temple of Chephren in Egypt (granite is rather hard even for machines today); See the perfect cut.


I took this photo and many others in what is believed to be temples next to the Sphinx of Giza; the blocks match with the same perfection as the stones of Cuzco.

 Giza, constructions just beside the Sphinx but at a lower level

 One of the two Colossi of Memnon; made from a single piece of stone quartzite, very hard. It is estimated to weigh 720 tons, and the quarry from which was extracted is more than 200 kilometers away. The idea that was dragged on wooden rollers to its present site or transferred using ships by the Nile is obviously stupid.
 The Colossi of Memnon, 18 m high
 Giant statue of Ramses II, 700 tons; it was transported in the antiquity, but in modern times was preferred to do a museum in the place where he was, given the difficulty to transport it

 Tomb of Osiris at Abydos, with stones weighing more than 100 tons; this construction is well buried due to be as old (at least 10,000 years) and the Nile waters are filtered. The oldest buildings are those that are at a lower level and are the most interesting. This temple is where the Flower of Life engraved on a stone by a method that our technology can not imitate, as the drawing penetrates the stone (if you hit a piece of stone, the drawing is still recorded


 Delphy, Greece
 Assiny, Italy


Gigantic stones in Cuzco, Peru


 of Cuzco also, to see how the stones fit  (these stones weight many tens of tons);  the joints do not leave penetrate a razor blade (not carry mortar)

The technology currently available is not yet able to do this; certainly it entails a great loss technology.

 Bulks on the stones similar in distant places


 These are stones of Sacsayhuaman near Cuzco







 So perfectly the stones fit in some places



Not be deceived again by the "scientists"; they say that the Sphinx is the Egyptians, 4000 years old, but the accumulated erosion and carbon-14 studies, place it before the last flood, and this occurred 12,000 years ago


The postulates of the "scientists" are intended to maintain the power structures of the dark lords of our time, those who accumulate most of the money of the Earth without moving, and maintaining subjugated most countries with their networks of power and corruption.

Because of the dark lords of this time, the era of the machines, we need to work many more hours than we should; in a society in which everyone plays a useful task and with the current technification, with four hours of work per day the society can be kept perfectly; the rest of our working hours are for the people of darkness, the people managed by the Secret Government of the Earth.

The large buildings in Egypt are of the first dynasties, dating back to before the last flood. Next dynasties imitated, but with smaller blocks. At the Tomb of Osiris, the archaeologists realized that the area with the cyclopean stones is more than 10,000 years ago.
The same applies to the Incas; I think these buildings are of before the last flood and the Incas found them built, as they used to say. Each flood occurs between 11,500 and 12,000 years, and now we face the next.
I was struck too by stones in the cities of Mycenae and Tiryns in Greece

 Puma Punku in Bolivia with blocks of up to 131 tons; the quarry is 10 Km away


Puma Punku


 Block of one only piece at Puma Punku


 Puma Punku, one-piece


 Puma Punku, One-piece


 Puma Punku


 Ollantaytambo, Peru


 Menga Cave in Antequera (Malaga), dolmen


 Aksum obelisk in Ethiopia; it measured 35 m and weighed 500 tonetadas, of an only piece


 Baalbek, Lebanon

In Baalbek stones are about 1500 tons; They were transported from a quarry at 1.1 Km away avoiding a depression; see the perfect cut


 Baalbek; of an only piece

 Baalbek column in Aswan pink granite; someone transported the material here from Egypt
On the impressive foundations the Romans built the Jupiter Temple
It is assumed that the terrace was built by the god Baal using its technology
It is absolutely unreasonable to lead us to believe that these stones were moved with rollers, as the "scientists" puppets of the elite would have us believe;  even nowadays does not currently exist on Earth the ability to move these stones with the technology that the elite allowed to bring for us. We do not have machines able to move these stones

 Stone block recently discovered in Baalbek, the block on which several people stand; it measures 19.6 x 6 x 5.5 m at least and is estimated about 1650 tons. It is considered the largest stone moved by man, if we ignore Gornaya Shoria stones in Siberia


 Old picture; compare with the person standing on the left

In Baalbek the Roman city was built over the huge blocks of the ancient city, which is an enigma.


 One of the Thriliton stones
Baalbek is on the actual Lebanon
 stone on top of a mountain in Japan; weighs about 800 tons
 huge stone turned upside down in Sacsayhuaman, Peru
 in Vilcabamba, Peru; it is said that this was done by the Incas, but their tools were of brass; this stone is in one piece
 another view of the previous stone
 precisión cuts in Vilcabamba
 Stones of the Kotel Tunnel, under the Kotel Square of Jerusalem; They were part of the ancient Temple of Jerusalem, which was destroyed on several occasions. The largest stone weighs 570 tons, but there are many of about 500 tons
 Kotel Tunnel
 Kotel Tunnel
 Kotel Tunnel
Nan Madol

On the island of Ponape (Micronesia); basalt buildings many of them under the sea

There are about 400 000 blocks, weighing some 50 tons (MT); most are about 10 tonnes although many are about 20 tons; They are a total of about 92 buildings, many of them under the seawater. A wall runs about 900 m and has at its highest point about 14 m vertically. How they would manage the locals to transport these blocks of basalt in their canoes?
They formed with this type of construction 91 artificial islands, interconnected by tunnels most of them now flooded by water. Some expeditions speak of huge vertical columns at about 9 m deep totally different in style to the ones seen on the surface.
The legends of the Island speak of space visitors come who built Nan Madol over an older town that lies underneath.


There is currently no human technology that is able to move the stones of 1500 tons of Baalbek, as it would have to overcome a height of about 100 m from the quarry to the  terrace place, a distance of about 1100 m and a ravine.

The biggest weight moved so far by man is the spacecraft Saturn with its 2900 tons; to move this weight a vehicle that could only move in absolutely flat ground was used and his speed was a few meters per day.



Image of A. Franco; Dolmen of Rio Grande do Sul, in Brasil; is a trilithon and the upper stone is 150 square meters with a weight of at least 800 tons: 150 square meters by 2.5 m thick assume 375 cubic meters, that at 2.3 tons per cubic meter leads to 862 tons; 2.3 tones is an intermediate weight (conservative) for a cubic meter of stone and can be considerably higher, since some kind of stone is more than 3 tons per cubic volume
the previous dolmen compared with a person
Another dolmen of Rio Grande do Sul, with a upper stone of 120 square meters. Image A. Franco

In both cases the weight of the stone deck is huge

 Pedra Santana; dolmen of Brasil

dolmen of Steinfeld, Germany

dolmen of Brawnhill, Ireland
une of the multiple Korean dolmens
 Ishibutai Kofun, the largest Japanese dolmen
 Dolmen in India; one of the horizontal slabs is 11 m long, 4.25 wide and 60 cm thick; It is early Iron Age

of Uman, Ukraine
of Pidan, south of Siberia
 La Roche aux Fées, Britanny

of Martiel, Aveyron; France

dolmen of Bagneux, in Saumur; France

of Montana; USA.
The images of these dolmens of Montana belong to Julie Ryder

of Montana

dolmen of Tizer, Montana; USA

dolmen Whale, in Montana area, USA

dolmen in Helena area, Montana; USA
 Dolmen of the Caucasus
 Dolmen of the Caucasus
Trilithon called Door of the Giants

GORNAYA SHORIA is a mountain that lies south of siberia

The size of the stones in this place are greater than the stones of Baalbek, as assumed weights between 3000 and 4000 tons. The "science" in the service of the elite prefers to ignore this place and its stones, as always with that which does not suit them; They always would say they are a curiosity of the nature when forced to opine
These resemble giant footprints


Stones in Mount Vottovaara, in Russia



of Sayansk, Russia