You are not sick, you are thirsty

  YOU ARE NOT SICK, YOU ARE THIRSTY:   Dr. Batmanghelidg
This doctor healed many people based on a good hydration and drinking the water with a little of good salt, the salt with trace elements (Himalayan Salt, Guerande Salt, or any fossil salt); this has been suppressed so that you do not know


I cured my prostate problems drinking water as recommended by Dr. Batmanghelidg
It is also worth remembering to René Quinton and his multiple healings with diluted seawater
The seawater is very healing; contains 84 trace elements vital to maintain the proper functioning of our body.
Pharmacological laboratories do not want us to know.
This diluted and injected water can replace even to our blood and serves for curing many diseases; also this has been hidden to you. Several animal experiments were made; all the blood was removed to some of them and was replaced by isotonic sea water, surviving and showing great vitality within a few days.
Quinton serun are very healing and are still marketed today although they are rather expensive