Dinosaurs coexisting with men


There are many examples of petroglyphs and rock paintings in which dinosaurs are represented alongside men.

Even when there is only a rock painting or petroglyph depicting a dinosaur, without being next to him represented a humanoid, it is clear that the job was accomplished by a man or a humanoid.

 Yamon cave paintings; Utcubamba, Peru, 8000 years old
 another image of the previous cave painting in the district of Yamón province of Utcubamba; Peru
 Stegosaurus of the Anasazi Indians
 of Los Lunas, New Mexico
 of Utah
 of National Bridge Monument, Utah

 of the Anasazi Indians, of Utah
 of Rochester, Utah
 of Rochester Rock, Utah
 of Moab, Utah

of Bernifal Cave in the French Dordogne; dinosaur struggling with mammoth

clarification of the previous figure
 of Dinosaur National Monument, at edge of Colorado and Utah
 of Molen, Utah
 of Puerco Pueblo, Arizona
 Petroglyphs of Chichitara, Peru
 of Chichitara
 of Talampaya, Argentina



 Petroglyphs of La Pitaya, Huancas; Peru
 of La Pitaya, Peru
 of Miculla, Peru
 of  Arnhem Land, Australia
 of the Great Lakes area, Ontario; Canada
 of Vallegrande, Bolivia; of Paja Colorada Cave
 of Vallegrande, Paja Colorada Cave
 of Lambayeque, Peru
 Grotte de Cosquer, Marseilles
 of Hayasupai Canyon, Arizona
 American Native cave painting
 Artifact of Tucson; is one of the many artifacts that "science" has pulled apart or hidden, because it breaks its schemes
 of Baja California
 in a cave of Arizona
 of South Africa
 of Tassili

cave paintings of Kuwait
 of Serra Capivara, Piaui; Brasil

 of the Tayos Cave, Ecuador
 of the  Maori, New Zealand
of the Maori of New Zealand; possible Pterodactyl
 of the Maori
 Ancient paintings in Pilbara, Australia
 of Miculla, Peru
 of Miculla
 of Serra Capivara, Brasil
 of Toro Muerto, Peru
 of Toro Muerto
 Petroglyph in Jordan
 of Göbekli Tepe, Turkey
 of Gobekli Tepe, 11000 years of antiquity
 Representation of dinosaurs attacking an elephant; found in excavations in the Golan Heights, currently occupied by Israel

Sumerian monolith with the stamp of the Reptilian God Enlil
 of Nazca
 of Shang dinasty, China

 of Tiahuanaco, Bolivia

 of Girifalco, Italy; of well before the Roman and Greek cultures; thousands of artifacts appeared after a landslide
 saurian of Girifalco, Italy
 of Girifalco
 Ceramic of the Caddo Indians of Mississippi
 Ceramic of the Caddo Indians
 found in the region of Tiwanaku, Bolivia
 of Iran, 250-225 B.C.; currently in a museum in New York
 Canaanite relief
 old gold weights that are passed from generation to generation; Ghana

 Gold monsters of Costa Rica, Pre-Columbian votive offerings

of Costa Rica

of Costa Rica

 Pre-Columbian human figure with a small dinosaur; Ecuador

Deer Stone, Mongolia

 Pre-Columbian; dinosaur mounted by strange being (probably reptilian type)

of Los Tayos Cave, Ecuador

of Los Tayos Cave

of the cave of Burrows, Illinois; USA
 idol of Granby, Colorado; USA. It was found digging a trench; It is thought to be of Chinese origin, despite having been found in America

 idol of Granby  by the face having strange signs


Acambaro figures: most of them are in the museum Waldemar Julsrud

 of Acambaro, Mexico; laboratory tests with Carbon 14 testify an antiquity of 6500 years for the oldest dinosaur figurines of Acambaro
 of Acambaro; Klaus Dona collection
 of Acambaro; remember that some of these figures are 6500 years old
In the Ica stones we have many examples of gliptolitic men alongside dinosaurs; the following images will serve as an example:

To study the Ica stones in which dinosaurs appear, sometimes accompanied by gliptolitic men, I advise the website of Josep Serneguet, expert on this topic