Proof of beyond


For those who believe only in the matter and the creation of thought from matter, we have a very special case*, those that limit us to take advantage of us will leave aside to avoid having to assume as false everything that teach the priests of the new religion which we call "science."

This is the case of a known American neurosurgeon of good reputation, Eben Alexander, himself the son of a neurosurgeon, who radically changed his mind, of believing only in what his senses showed him to believe in something that goes far beyond after a near death experience (NDE) himself during a coma that lasted a week.

What makes this case very special is not that a scientist trapped between the limiting bars of mind imposed by science has spoken after a personal experience, but the fact of having been monitored his brain waves throughout his process of meningitis and brain stroke, being able to state the records of brain activity that throughout the process there were no brainwaves, that is to say, he was in a coma.

However, while he was in coma, he saw himself ascending through a narrow and dark valley till arriving to another valley flooded with great light and painted with indescribable colors: 'I could not describe nor a sad outline of its true beauty'; there was greeted by a celestial music, 'a living sound' and pure white light that was approaching increasingly, in the center appeared a door that I would soon pass through. At his feet lay a beautiful landscape: 'I was flying over the place, over trees and fields, streams and waterfalls, and, occasionally, people. And also children, children laughing and playing. People sang and danced in circles ... A dream world incredibly beautiful '.
Eben spent some time reviewing the medical records of his case and found that his brain, his neocortex, had been turned off; the area that is involved in the brain in lucid dreams remained without signs of activity. And so he realized that it was impossible that the experiences he had during his NDE were a product of his brain, because for him previously, as has induced him to think wrongly the people trapped by science, all this was the product of cerebral hypoxia.

*actually there are many special cases, cases that for the "science" they are impossible, but that are silenced, when not hidden



We must always keep in mind that the NDE is different for each person and that who are our guides will display differently depending on what each carries in his mind, that is, we interpret that we saw to Jesus and his angels if one is Christian, or Buddha and other beings of heaven* if we are Buddhists, etc., because our guides know all our existence and what we believe.

If one is a being in tune with the good, with the Light, will feel a wonderful experience during a NDE, but if someone tunes with evil or fear will have a hard and inadvisable experience, describing at the return the real hell, the astral worlds through which he wandered.

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*there are many heavens and different depending on the level of spiritual evolution of every person
There are many cases in which our beloved and limiting 'Science' can not explain a series of paranormal phenomena carried out by people having experienced a NDE, but science will not face the great reality, such as the hidden elite that it serves wants, offering us one of his classic explanations as to blind our eyes and our mind.

Because the limiting postulates many people become disabled to see, become blind. So it will happen that their mind never will address openly, but through unreason, those cases for which the "science" anchored in the matter, which the hidden elite allows to be given to the common people, has no explanation.


Dr. E. Kübler Ross collected several testimonies of blind people who experienced an NDE (Near Death Experience); the testimony of persons deprived of vision is one of the most important in ruling out any possibility of hallucination, lack of oxygen or other causes provided by doctors, skeptical colleagues when considering the phenomenon of NDEs as evidence of life after death.


According to Dr. Kübler Ross:


"We questioned a number of people with blindness and were able to tell us not only who first entered the room to reanimate, but also described accurately the appearance and clothes worn by those who were present, although the blind people never have this capability. Blind people can tell me the color of the ties of their physicians. "


This study by Dr. Kübler Ross never got to see the light, as the Dr. had accumulated more than 20,000 cases of ECM records, but someone burned down her house and all its database was lost.