The elite against magic

Before, magic was alive.
When submerged in linear thinking and erase the cyclic meaning of existence, the magic is gone.

It disappeared when witches were burned. They were the last brave people who followed their tradition. Talk of witches can wreak havoc. There are as many versions of the stories about witches as there are versions of the truth. Many so-called witches were actually those who defied the maximum tyranny of the mind called religious truth. They still spoke with Earth like the ancient pagans and knew herbal remedies. They used natural remedies to cure and knew how to live in the time of darkness. They had the audacity to reach till the ether, penetrate in the realm of spirits and communicate with them. They were said 'companions of the Devil' and so were thrown out of their homes and villages and burned publicly.


Great fear spread throughout the country since the Inquisition had many methods of torture. 
But despite everything, every age has always had its apostates, people who know how to mix quietly, follow the game and understand that in every moment of life there is a choice possibility. One can walk the low way, the middle or high.


The quality of love or fear with which pervade every moment is what determines which of the trails you will travel. Even in the darkest times, those who understood the frequency of love knew how to hide and thanks to them the mysteries of cyclic life have survived.

The Pleiadians Family of Light
The elite proceeded to kill the magic for, through the obscurantism, maintain us out of any suspicion of our condition of divine beings, because if we had realized that we are part of the Unique Being that exists, we could have raised over those who chose to stay away from Love
El Libertario

As the power of religion began to decline, another mental prison began to be created, what we call with quite courage "science". I do not mean to real science, but official science, which proclaims that this world is all that exists and that life doesn´t continue after the "death". The Brotherhood had to find an alternative for those who rejected the religion in order to ensure we do not discover that we are multidimensional and infinite consciousness that are embodied in a physical body during a period of intense experiences on the path of evolution, and that we do not "die" because we can not die. The energy is consciousness and energy can not be destroyed, only transformed into another expression of itself.

When one realizes that it is not his physical body but the infinite and eternal consciousness that gives life to the body, the vision of oneself and its potential extends immeasurably. What a nightmare for those who want to exercise the control!


David Icke  - The Biggest Sectret