The reason for the evil

The beings who are in dense worlds, like ours, if only would know the positivity, the good, would have difficulty to overcome themselves both materially and spiritually, due to not seeking its perfection because its existence in a very benign environment; they will not strive to return to the Father, the absolute and eternal joy.
The evil was introduced, the negativity, as a tool to overcome ourselves and this was done in accordance with the Supreme Being.

Beings of high spiritual level accepted to help us; these beings would act offering us the evil as a choice.

They act primarily on the astral plane, through our astral body; also they act through physical people under his command in large organizations.

So, in our world of free will, we have always two choices: good and evil.

The good consists in choosing what is useful for everyone, not just for one, its family, its friends or its group.
Evil is the selfish choice; that is, one in which does not take into account the interests of everyone and that only favors self, his closest beings or his group.
Is everyone who chooses good or evil in every situation.
If one chooses the good, this election will resonate in all dimensions and points away from our universe and will be sent back to us more good (LAW OF UNIVERSAL ATTRACTION). Choosing frequently the good by a being creates positive vibrations affecting the environment of this being so that others will capture these vibrations also and this people with others create a positive general environment that will bring the realization of a higher level of positivity.
If a person chooses evil this election also resonate in all dimensions and in all corners of the universe and that person will receive more evil coming back from the universe; the vibrations of negativity created will influence the environment beings that tune with that kind of vibrations and will receive also the negative vibrations coming amplified from the universe creating a general environment of negativity, a powerful entity, a mighty the form of thought. The beings heavily contaminated with this type of energy are those who carry out the physical acts of negativity, those who bring out the evil acts that we know. Wickedness physically or mentally is not brought to our reality directly by the beings that help us offering negativity as a possible choice, but by the polluted beings, people who chose the negativity as its form of expression. The great beings that offer us the opportunity of the negative choice serve us only as a catalyst. The level of spiritual evolution of each being is what will make to choose most times the positive instead of negative.
The positive way brings us back Home, but in our dimension the evil is an important tool for us to learn "what is not"; with it we will learn that negativity is not fought with more negativity, just as fire can not be fought with more fire.

To facilitate the kind of positive choice we must bear in mind that there is only one of us and that separation is an illusion that was introduced to experience ourselves as a single entity; before being aware in this dense world and take a body on it we agreed to forget everything we know, but this forgetfulness only affects our denser bodies; if we remember our oneness, we will act unselfishly, not giving rise to the choice of evil. So our surroundings would change radically materializing everything that serves for positive purposes throughout our society.


Under these conditions we would soon leave to experience this kind of world so dense and with so many difficulties; when in the worlds of lower density (higher frequency), needs such as food and shelter would not be experienced so hard; everything would be milder.

Our problem is that too many men tuned with the evil and that often took it to harsh extremes. It is our collective unconscious what is modeling the matter and creates the scene for the next choice possibility. The harder it will be our environment and therefore harsher circumstances for Mother Earth and all its inhabitants the more based on selfishness we choose.

Currently the chiefs of the religions are beings that resonate with evil almost without exception. Most actual politicians are also people who tuned with the negative, the evil, and leave no gap in the positions of the party for honest people.
All that attempts to separate come from evil, and also laziness or inaction comes from it, the evil, and lead to confrontation because lazy people will demand goods without having contributed to its existence.
Against the election of evil is the useful knowledge and the most useful knowledge is about spirituality; one has to cultivate oneself but yet one has to act in himself, on the others and on the environment demonstrating that one has acquired level and this means showing kindness and well in each of his actions.


El Libertario



"Evil" is not what you are. It is part of the complex of series of illusions that are used in third density, to show "what you are not"


Hidden Hand - Conversations with a self-proclaimed Illuminati




Your great solution is to love yourself and radiate this frequency around you, no matter what happens. If you do this, many doors will open and many unwanted possibilities simply will pass long, like a winged bird.

A change of Era always brings a great opportunity. What will you do with it? Do you will claim your power? Do you will claim what is in your genes?


The Pleiadians through Barbara Marciniak




When sentient beings no longer answer and react on the animal level of survival (in which interaction with one another is selfish, based on fear and immovable), the people of the darkness will not have means to control you. Under the light of your One Heart, where you are a (disinterested and heart-centered) community, nothing can hinder you.


The Supreme Council of Sirius




Beloved, do not let to be catched by the traps they tend you daily.

There was always a struggle between Light and Darkness, good and evil, in the dual worlds like ours, but this fight is given at the microcosmic level of our inside and at the macrocosmic level of the universe.

The great wonder of positive emotion can only be experienced after experiencing the negative emotion, because in that consists the cycle of duality, the ebb and flow. We can not describe the sweetness of honey or bitterness of the gall and emotions related to both experiences till not having savoured them.

Penetrate in your holy place, your inner, seeking truth there, but never retire yourselves in this contemplation to fill your lives, because only giving we will be worthy of receiving and from the withdrawal little we can give.

Fill your lives with everything directed to the good, because this is the way to fight and overcome Darkness, not only on a personal level, but at the group level, in your community.

Only service into something useful can fill us with a great feeling of happiness; never possessing much brought that feeling of well being, but to give and bring the good wherever we go and this is the real way to defeat the dark side, being winners having beaten ourselves.


El Libertario