UFO and cave paintings


There are many cave paintings and petroglyphs that show UFOs, its occupants or beings with what looks like space suits

They are found on all continents

 Cave painting, Australia
Cave paintings in Shouthern Africa
 in Utah, USA
 form the Neolithic, in Sahara
 Petrogliph of Niger
 of Tageuit; Niger
 Cave painting in India
 in India
 Cave painting 10000 years old, India
 UFOs of Altamira, Spain
 in a cave of India
 of Uzbekistán
 Paintings of the Addaura cave, Italy
 In Gobustan, Azerbaiyan
 of Sego Canyon, USA
 of Barrier Canyon, USA
 of Barrier Canyon
 of Barrier Canyon
 of Collins Canyon, USA
 of Legend Rock; Wyoming
  of Wyoming
 of Washington
 Petrogliphs of Butler Wash, USA
 Petrogliphs of the Dinetah, ancestors of Navajo Indians; New México
of San Juan River, USA
of Utah, USA
 of Utah
 of Escalante River; Glen Canyon, Utah; around 35 000 years old
 of Utah
 of Utah, USA
 Petrogliph of Utah
 of Arkansas, USA
 in the Sahara
 another of the Sahara
 of Tanzania, 29000 years old
 of Ukhahlamba, South Africa
 Cave paintings of Karao, South Africa
 of Karao; interaction between men and fish-men, wich reminds the Akpallu stories
 of Karao; mermaids and fish-men
 Figure of Ennedy, in Chad
Cave paintings
 Petrogliph of Tanum, Sweden
 of the Bradshaw cave, Australia
 Australian cave painting
 of Toro Muerto, Peru
 of Paso de Molles cave, Argentina
Cave painting, Chihuahua
 of Valcamónica, Italia
 Australian cave painting; around 28000 years old
 of Australia
 Wadjinas, of Australia
 of Kimberley, Australia
 of Kimberley, Australia
 of Australia
 of Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain
 of Saudi Arabia
 of Australia
 of Barrup Rock, Australia
 of Australia
of Australia
 of Australia
 of Horsehoe Canyon, USA
 of Chihuahua, México
 of Burgos, México
 Insectoid being, of Tassili
 of Tassili
 Cave paintings and strange objects 
 Veracruz Cosmonauts, Mexico
 of Tassili
 of Tassili
 of Tassili; Algeria
 of Tassili
 of Tassili
 of Tassili
 of Tassili
 of Tassili
of Tassili
 of Tassili, south of  Argelia
 of Tassili
 of Tassili, Saurians  living with humanoids?
 Cave paintings of Zimbawe
 of the Anasazi Indians, USA
  Anasazi paintings, Rio Fremont
 Anasazi Indians paintings, USA
 Hopi Indians painting
 of Christina Lake, Canada
 ancient petrogliphs, Canada
 of Australia
 Wandjina, of Australia
 Wandjina, of Australia
 Wandjina, of Australia
 Piauí, Brasil
 of Hidalgo, Mexico
 Cave painting, 7500 years old
 Cave paintings of India
 Ship in a cave in Japan; 7000 years old