The Rife healing


Also was given to us another effective method of healing: the Rife healing
It consists in the application of waves very specific frequency

At that frequency a resonance is produced that literally makes to explode the pathogens or other beings that have invaded us.

The cheapest and easiest way to apply these waves is locally by electrodes, but the most effective is through a device that sends electromagnetic waves radiated at that frequency, with these we ensure the perfect penetration and reaching the most hidden sites of our body without giving place to these harmful creatures to hide somewhere

They made the life impossible to the Dr. Royal Rife; he had several personal attacks and his laboratory was destroyed, the super microscope of his invention and many other tools; so they canceled him.
His crime was mainly to cure without drugs, and he cured even cancers effectively.

Each frequency must be applied accurately 

You can find many lists of frequencies that mainly match, but the list of frequencies most complete is the CALF


A frequency generator very accurate is needed to apply these waves anf to gain effectiveness.
As radiant generator I would advise the Resonant Light Technology
PERL-M, which is sold with the ProGen II 4050 generator; these people have many years of experience
There are many more in the market good also, but this is a good value for money.

The waves must be sinusoidal; be careful with the application of high frequency square waves, because its spectral content carries a sum of waves of frequencies much more high and these could damage neurons in some cases (the radiating devices are usually safe anyway because they can´t handle frequencies as high).



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