The science of deception

They forever hide everything respecting to life in the Solar System and our space brothers

This is the "Science", the new religion of the serious people; for them if there is no "science" there is no truth


Long ago the impression we have is just the opposite, that is to say, if there is "Science" there is no truth

Take into account that in the “Science” were introduced Secret Government agents, the Illuminati, the Freemasons and dependent vertical organizations governed by the hidden government agents; if you investigate by yourself you will see that the “Science” is slave of money and power
You can see Richard Hoagland on a video talking about the technology used on the Moon


John Lear talks us in the following video about our Moon


John Lear tells us that the United States Apollo missions never went to the moon and that the moon is inhabited with a civilization of more than 500 million humans like us but considerably more advanced who did not come from earth. 

John’s research holds that our solar system has 40 planets not 9 and that all planets and their moons and satellites are inhabited by humans similar to us as well as Extra Terrestrials. John further he states that mankind was conceived, engineered and built by ET’s who secretly control our lives and that mankind is only one strand of an infinite number of strands of life.


Extraterrestrial UFOs are real, Ben Rich Lockheed Skunk Works CEO, admits on his deathbed





Today, who most get caught by the illusion of the senses and the limitation of matter are those who take pride in having a scientific mind. These people do not give the slightest credence to what we really are, but those who filter information for these people are investigating relentlessly to dominate what our soul is able to dominate: the matter.

These poor creatures with scientific mind will be trapped, same as those catched by the circus* leaving aside all the transcendent.

Undercover scientific discoveries, which are not presented to us, are helping to bring to light a technology for our domain as never before we would had even imagined.

We can only stop the greatest of all tyrannies with the union of all the people who were raised about what they see to form a Light force that counteracts such great Darkness.


El Libertario

*TV, easy life, films without values, religion, politics



The firsts US space travels were a montage filmed by Stanley Kubrick in a US desert intended to convince the Russians and all of us that they, the Americans had won the space race and they were ahead of their competitors.

The following trips with rockets served and serve yet to make us believe that there is no more modern technology and to justify to continue using fossil fuels, thus will continue taking advantage of us whenever we fill the fuel tank, because there is a technology of antigravity * and another energy which has been hidden to us; there is a technology developed with the help of aliens with whom they made pacts, and energy systems exist that have nothing to do with the petrol besides knowing the free energy, but they hid all this energy and other kind of them.

* get the patent books about antigravity of UFO HOW TO, if you want to know about it


The pioneer of antigravity and free energy was really Nikola Tesla, but they have hidden all his issues about antigravity and free energy.
Find out about the UFOs of the Nazis, as they were on the fourth generation of anti-gravity flying machines (Haunebu), with information obtained from Tesla (theft of his writings) and the aliens of the Darkness; after the war, more than 700 Nazi scientists and their families were introduced in secret in US (Paperclip Operation)


El Libertario



This misinformation is based on the control of scientific, religious and academic institutions, and especially the media, to prevent the spread of hidden or metaphysical secrets of true science. If you discover something really interesting, it will soon disappear. The Nobel Prize is awarded by a number of details that will strengthen, here or there, the artificial building of official sciences.

The big researchers are isolated and no longer have access to scientific publications. This is certainly one of the reasons given to justify the doctrine of scientific teamwork. Outside a team of well-organized and well-funded scientists, no one has the opportunity to be heard. However, it is well known that the great discoveries always have been done in solitary.


Frank Hatem



If knowledge is not hidden, the world changes and the individual is released. This change of heart is what most fear the handlers, and rightly so, because today we have all the necessary means to restore to the spirit its power of understanding and action.


Frank Hatem



Few are the independent scientists, honest scientists who are not sold by a payroll, for an academic title or the loyalty to a company controlled by the agents of the occult elite.
I suppose many of them dreamed of giving something useful to humanity, true knowledge, but when faced the reality, someone let them know that there is a framework from which can not be out and that everything that surpasses this framework must be discarded, hidden or destroyed*; they know they can not escape from this trap because they would fall upon them with discredit, with threats, and would leave them without work.
One of the independent researchers in whom we can trust is Brien Foerster, as he went to investigate in situ to multiple locations and found clear evidence that the "Science" shows just the right to continue keeping our mind limited, that is to say, it deceives us so that we will not be able to expand our minds.
Brien Foerster has several books that I recommend:
Elongated Skulls Of Peru and Bolivia: The Path of Viracocha
Lost Ancient Technology of Egypt
Lost Ancient Technology of Peru and Bolivia
Machu Pichu: Virtual Guide and Secrets Revealed
The price of these books is very adjusted (see Amazon, about 8 €), as befits when someone does not try to make a profit from humanity, wanting to give it the right lessons as to expand our mind, only for the sake of all of us

*and if many people saw something unusual, they should give the necessary explanations as to keep deceived those who study it



Doesn´t matter how many academic degrees a person has; doesn´t matter if a person has 10 of these titles or more, if for what they serve is to lie brazenly to hide the uncomfortable evidences for occult elite.

No matter if a person has not a high level academic degree if that person investigates on its own account every day, expanding every day his knowledge to understand himself and the world around him and works with the sane intention of helping others to expand their view of the Universe and to aid them to bring understanding of their role in the world in which they manifest.

What makes no sense is that thousands of people devote themselves to lie and hide evidence of what preceded us, that of which we descend, shielded by academic degrees, by groups with obscure interests or companies they work for whose mission is using us.

This is told by a person who has worked as an engineer for several multinational companies* of renown and with an academic degree.


El Libertario

*more than two