Integration of the third DNA strand


The integration of the third strand is the most important progress of all that will come, as it weaves into your essence the consciousness of all celestial bodies of your solar system, the intention of the extradimensional beings that served you in sowing, and the superior awareness of your souls -creating triangulation inside every cell of your being. Properly done, the process of intertwining the three strands instantly activates the thymus -the master gland and the central control tower of your subtle bodies- the same way that pressing the switch on a wall is flooded with light a dark room.


The receptive quality of a molecule of hexagonal water cosmometrically aligned  is identical to the ability of the molecule to reverberate in those specific resonant frequencies that create the ideal vibratory field in which the third strand of DNA, the first etheric strand to be reintegrated in the double helix, it can eventually crystallize and ultimately anchor as a material reality first in a molecular level of consciousness, then on a cellular level and so on.

Your higher thoughts vibrating rapidly; the bright light waves emanating from your hearts; the exquisite frequencies produced when you play Tibetan bowls or carillons, the angelic music of the numbers one: Mozart, Bach and Beethoven ... all them harmonic frequencies introduced in the water you drink and then reflected throughout your body been able to transform the water molecules of your being in perfect cosmometric structures that embody the primordial wisdom of the Universe.

These sacred configurations* have shape, like snowflakes, like the endless variations of the six-pointed star, the hexagram symbol of that quintessentially consideration of all the existence:
As above, so below and as below, so above.
No matter how discordant and fragmented energy are the water molecules of your bodies environmentally bombed, the nature of life and consciousness is finally to reach perfection, climb the spiral, seeking full illumination. Similarly every molecule of your being strives to achieve the spiritual purpose from which it was designed, recover the proportion pattern and cosmometric beauty and sound that vibration through the Universe of the Being.

The water that has been enhanced to resonate at its highest levels of consciousness, increased by your intention, the water that has been purified with sound and light before inserting it into the body seas ... the water that has been gratified, loved and appreciated, effectively will communicate that higher dimension throughout the body.

Patricia Cori - No more Secrets, no more Lies

* As we saw through Masaru Emoto's experiments



The right sound and our intention can be tools of first order for our transformation in conscious multidimensional beings leaving aside our walking by the limited consciousness, beginning to materialize higher realities away from those so far we have experienced and that brought us pain from our birth to this limited experience, during the course and so far we leave our material vehicle.


El Libertario