Reptilian gods 2

Believe me, there are very many examples of representations of reptilian beings in the art of our ancestors, this is a result of their experiences, not of their imagination.
Today these beings are not displayed openly, but they are taking advantage of our fears and our blood to persist in our dense world
The Creation continues on a small scale in our environment, fruit of our unconscious as  collective of souls or Souls Complex.
Our environment can become benign slowly if prevailing the Light (the good) over the Darkness (the evil); if we turn the back to the true knowledge and we do not face our fears, our Creation will bring us a hostile environment.
We must let go of our fears and for that we must fight to grow in the 'true knowledge' every day and we must thank to the BEING of which we are all part, that Being who keeps everything with His Mind including every person, animal or plant we could find; this BEING is within each of us but, in turn, will find it in all beings, even in the guise of our enemies.
We should favor the existence of beings of good and control the existence of beings of evil not leaving them to proliferate excessively. We need the evil to rise more quickly to loftier worlds and not to get stuck; through it we can understand "what should not be 'and we can demonstrate our level of spiritual training at many occasions, albeit from a threshold of achievement we will no longer need.

There is no need of evil anymore after having reached a sufficient level of spirituality.

Everything can be explained as a constant struggle of light against darkness; understands that, for our sake, we must not destroy the Darkness, we just keep it under control *, without too many of us in their ranks. Most of us have to be with the Light.

Just keep in mind that most of these art pieces are in museums, but those that clearer could leave the issue for their self eloquence have been removed from our vision and are in collections of the hidden elite, of secret societies, private collections or collections that under no pretext can access any normal person, as the collections of the Vatican, with its 85 Km of corridors full of old books, artwork prohibited for us and even bones of creatures that are not from the Earth.

Some of these pieces are being destroyed by alleged Islamist armies out of control, but in reality these armies are composed mostly, and directed, by mercenaries who are paid by the West; this means that the 'hidden elite' is destroying them through this uneducated people.
For not to do too extensive the 'reptilian gods' section I will continue with this section which is an extension of the mentioned

* This is achieved simply doing that the Light from us, as a group, outweights the Darkness

 of Nimrud, Assyria
 Statuette of the Vinca Culture
 of ancient Egypt
 Egyptian god Horus with Roman attire
 Sumerian vessel
 another view of the previous vessel
 Hittite, of the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara
 of Urartu, Armenia
Egyptian Panel; transformation of reptile to  Pharaoh
 of ancient Mesopotamia
 of Angkor, Cambodia
 of Horyu-ji, Nara; Japan
 of Japón
 of the Sao, South of Lake Chad
Maya stela with God Itzamná
 Pre-Columbian art
 Pre-Columbian Terracotta
 Reptilian sculpture; el Baul, Guatemala
 of Puebla, México; of 1150-550 B.C.
 Primitive figure, Maya-Azteca
 Olmec; 900 to 500 B.C.
 Pre-Columbian ceramjics
 Maya, of Tonina; Pre-Columbian
 of  La Aguada; Argentina
 of El Salvador; 1000 B.C.
 Ancient Gods
Strange head of a statue; of Asia
 Of the Vatican; Symbolism: the throne of power rests on the shoulders of the reptiles; of these, those with wings are those who are higher in the pyramid of power, among them
 París watched
 Aztec, Pre-columbian; Reptilian and its prey
 il Viscione, symbol of Milan
 Statue representing human possession by a reptilian; It refers to the possession of his astral body, because they act on us in the Astral Plane
El Libertario


The ‘Orion Empire’* is of Fourth Density Negative. They are "lost" in the sense that they have strayed so far from his true nature that, despite many attempts, we were unable to reach them and help them develop.

They exist within their Soul Group Complex, especially as a group of disembodied entities within the astral planes of the planets they visit.

They do not intend to "come home" and instead they try to feed on negative energy, to stay as they are disconnected from their natural inherent Life-Force, by refusing to abide by the principles of Incarnation of the Infinite Creator.

The time spent between lives in the time / space, is intended to restore our Soul Energy from the inside, to continue our upward progression. They are essentially "imprisoned" in the 4th Density Negative, as there is no negative harvest beyond the 4th Density. So they spend their time traveling around the galaxy, basically 'using the dark side of the Force' (Negativity) to achieve their means.


Lastly they will be brought back to the Infinite Creator One, and will dissolve back into the Infinite Intelligence (Source of All), although they are giving them every opportunity for as long as possible, to learn the error of their ways, back to look for the positive, and start their trip home.


The main problem is they do not want to go Home. They see themselves as being "gods" and do not intend to submit to the authority of the One.

Hidden Hand
* the Reptilians or Lizards
 Swiss statue depicting the god Molech (Baal or Moloch) eating children
Why this theme is repeated? Moloch is depicted often with  calf head (sometimes ram's head); it seems that hidden followers still continue with rituals to this God


The choice of the negative election is offered to us mainly through the 4th dimension, where our astral body inhabits.

In the Astral Plane we can be influenced by two types of beings, one is the Reptilian type and other the Lucifer Soul Complex. It's hard to know what influences come to us from the first kind of beings* and what from the second **, because the purposes are very similar and both produce negativity in us.


The first type of beings, the Reptilians, because they need to feed from our negativity and the second for an adquired compromise.

The Lucifer Soul Complex acquired this commitment to serve us the negativity as their gift of Love for us and for the Creation, something that will help them to progress as higher beings of Light, and they will be relieved by another Soul Complex after this cycle if they succeed in their work.


Therefore, in these, the last days of this cycle, we are being very actively influenced by beings of great negativity, by those who have a contract with our planet and by the beings that take advantage of a multitude of beings on many planets, including ours: Orion beings (the Reptilians)


El Libertario

* Reptilians: kidnapping and torture of children by their subordinates; agreements with nations that did a pact with them for exchange of technology, not to be interfered with in their practices
**People of Lucifer Soul Complex: creation of Religions and sects; domination of society through their secret societies; inclusion of their people as army commanders; chemtrails; poisoning of the Earth; domain of all the banks at earth scale; propitiation of wars; control of medical laboratories and medicine. These are much like us in appearance, without using holograms or mental influence to see them as they want, as Reptilians do.

Reptilians in the art

 this image and the former are in the La Venta Park Museum; Tabasco, Mexico

In cave paintings

 of the Tassili