The universal man


The evidence is there, only the mental structures often not let us analyze them.


Muslims believe that there is nothing real outside their religious truth; their mental structures do not enable them to thoroughly analyze other truths. Jews act according to mental structures that instilled his religion and among them is that those who are not Jews are of very little worth and that they can do whatever they want with us without importance.


That was well also until a few centuries ago in monotheistic religions, and the people was able to charge against those who didn´t embrace its truth; I am referring  mainly to the Christianity as an imposed mental structure.


Currently the 'New Religion' is the 'science' the occult elite left to reach us.

Sometimes it's hard to break these structures while the person does not leave his mind free to accommodate the possibility of being a citizen of the stars, not of a small manipulated planet.


We must break these structures to become a version of man more prepared: the Universal Man *.

* Any new broader sight of ourselves and our environment must always be accompanied by the knowledge that 'we are one', that we are all part of the same being and therefore all selfish act that causes harm to another being it is an action that returns ourselves as 'evil' that we will experience until we learn that only good begets good for ourselves and our environment; we have many lives and all the eternity to learn it.

 head found in Yonaguni under the sea; the 'science' continues determined that the Yonaguni structures are natural regardless of stairs and ways absolutely straight impossible to conceive in nature. They fall prey of mental structures imposed on them, retaliation and payroll.

 assemblage of stones of a pyramid of the oldest (the later were attempts to imitate). The purpose of those who secretly govern our destinies pass by never evidence this to us and the mental structures created in many of those who today we call 'scientists' will make hide this at all costs, and their success and reason to exist depends on this for those who pay them.