The OUR FATHER for the awakening


Our Father who art in Heaven

R- Our Father is both what we can see and feel and what we can not see or feel.
The great deception was to present him outside us.
  For the great deception continues, the chiefs of the priests and politicians (regardless of religion or ideology) put fluoride in our daily lives through their puppets; so our pineal gland will result with atrophy and calcified; it is our tool to tune into the other dimensions *.

Hallowed be Thy Name 

R- God has all the names in this and all worlds, as much in the dense worlds as in those of higher octave of frequencies.
Putting him a name will mean wars in the long run, something appreciated by those who serve us the option to choose the negative, the evil, and they will have won the game with every war.

Thy kingdom come

R- His Kingdom is in this world as much as in the most sublime realms, which we call Heaven (and there are many, of different levels of frequencies)

 Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven

R- He is experienced throug us, so our will is what is important, as it is His Will

 Give us today our daily bread 

R- Ask to our Father is important; but if we stood idly means that we have not made any decisions, we have not created, so we will get "nothing".
 It is important to ask all what will make us grow so that we are opening new doors increasingly more important, but we have to act and choose us (beware aid, because often it comes from those who are led by the beings of the Darkness, even without them be aware of this)


 And forgive us our trespasses 

R- We are beings in the process of learning and remembering; You CAN NOT OFFEND GOD, as HE only expects that election after election we will learn to choose what most magnify us and HE will not punish us for our choices; it will only mean return to play very similar games to improve us and thus form a higher version of ourselves.

As we forgive those who trespass against us 

R- So it will be when we have acquired sufficient expertise.

And lead us not into temptation 

R- The temptation and choosing what does us no good is how we learn

But deliver us from evil. Amen.

R- Evil, negativity, is the tool that is given us so that we not get stagnant. 
What we will choose? when we have travelled a long road we will learn to choose the positivity, the light, most of the times. Then, we will be ready to transcend this world and continue our learning in softer worlds, those we call Heavens without having to return to dense worlds.

El Libertario

* With a pineal gland developed the use of telepathy would displace the use of the word and even for a few days we could communicate with the spirit of the loved one who went on to other planes of existence; so many of the lies of religions would result exposed and cease to carry weight among us



When you meditate, pray and love from a pure heart level, occurs soma* in larger amounts, causing deep states of consciousness, a vision beyond the realm of the senses or hallucinatory experiences of ecstatic heights. This allows you to enter parallel worlds, and watch sentient entities from other worlds and interact with them**

The Supreme Council of Sirius

* Soma is called "divine hormone" and is produced by the pineal gland

** This is what tried to prevent those who maintain the control siege over us by adding fluoride in our water and in our toothpaste


It is necessary that the left hemisphere of your brain joins the right rather than constantly fight him to silence your inner child. It is necessary that the left hemisphere, with the help of the instruments known, agree to recognize that what the right hemisphere of your brain inaudibly mumbles is true. More true than that the left hemisphere cries amid the din of matter.


It's easy since the logic has been taken to paroxysm, since the cause and origin of consciousness is no longer a mystery, since can finally be proved rationally that matter comes from the spirit and not vice versa, and the spirit comes from nothing at every moment.

Frank Hatem - La Conjura de los Reptilianos (Les Cinc Clefs)