Beat cancer, self help



Always we have at our disposal some additional tools to help us beat cancer

Of course, our first duty is alkalizing and oxygenation also ensuring that the foods that we eat are vegetables mostly and are alive (chew well), but always taking care that are not genetically modified, as these involve genetic engineering introduced by the dark elite to demean those who did not awake and thereby encourage them to take action.

These additional tools are self help

For the aid to be effective we have to improve our ability to visualyze; once we are able to handle this technique we should visualize (see us) glad, happy and healthy at a future time in idyllic natural surroundings in company of our loved ones and having discarded all hostility towards other beings; visualize surrounded by a bright light can help too.
Of great help could be an experienced group who do this type of meditation maintaining in their mind the person to aid; there are many known cases in which these groups influenced very positively from the distance for healing a person even without knowing the person, reaching total curation, only through a photo of the person to cure.
If we help healing others this same can be of great help for us, because what we give to others we give to the Universe and this returns to us.

Remember that all thought creates

It is also helpful to ask, ask Who Is All to help us overcome this proof or ask the envoys who are always close to us in the other dimensions around us, our guides.
We must not forget that often those who have some imbalance are some of our other bodies with us, who belong to other dimensions and what happens to our bodies is often a somatization that can be improved by changing our lifestyles or what we keep in our mind.
Sometimes the disease is an invitation to the change or a reaction of our body to improper treatment which not even we are aware, but which does know our unconscious; this abuse can be due to what we put into our bodies or to the emotions we hold due to our limiting beliefs that create conflict in our subtler bodies, because those beliefs put us in tune with vibrations sent by darkness.

The balance of all our bodies always involves our healing

Of course, all this also applies to any type of disease; for example, if someone has kidney problems, in addition to display himself healthy and surrounded by a great light, can help the visualization of these organs strong and healthy.

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Anita Moorjani healed of a cancer impossible to recover for the doctors * after her RECONNECTION, a whole host of spiritual lessons for us, a great gift.

* Four years with a lymphatic cancer, with tumors the size of fists, waterlogged lungs, multiorgan failure and final comma in the hospital; she lived an experience of NDE (near-death experience) and after it she managed the RECONNECTION and her instant healing


Because of my experience, I strongly believe that we all have the ability to heal ourselves and to facilitate the healing of others. When we contact with that infinite place within us where we are complete, then the disease can not remain in the body. And because we are all connected, there is no reason for what a person with health and wellness prevents you touch others, raising and promoting their recovery. And when we heal others, also we heal ourselves and the planet. There is no separation except in our minds.
One thing I learned is that it is extremely important to love yourself; the love I felt for myself saved my life.
The second important lesson after the previous is that we have to live with fear.


Everything in life ends up being a gift, and if you do not feel it now is that the end has not arrived yet.




Near-Death Experiencer Anita Moorjani in Sedona conference


Anita Moorjani’s Advices

• Love yourself unconditionally
• Be yourself fearlessly
• Be aware of your inner self talk
• How we feel about ourselves is more important than positive thinking
• Be honest with yourself and your feelings; don’t suppress or bottle yourself up
• Don’t give away your power
• Turn within for answers
• Follow your own unique path (which is different from everyone else’s)
• Suspend beliefs; open up to the universe, to what is -- and to the unknown and unexpected
• Focus on being your full self here, in this world; rather than seeking to leave this world for other realms
• Love every part of yourself (ego, intellect, body, spirit); Every aspect of yourself is perfect
• Enjoy yourself
• Don’t take life too seriously
• Laugh often, especially at ourselves
• Look at the emotions behind everyday decisions and actions. Do things based on a passion and a zest for living; avoid doing anything out of fear
• Because time is fluid and everything is happening right now, the past can be changed in the present moment and future potentials can be tapped into


Being in a state of inner peace the energy starts inactive programs in the genetic code that produce physical changes to communicate with the thought, is generated in your mind a field of sacred energy that activates the Pituitary and Pineal gland, these glands secrete enzymes that activate unused codons in the genetic code, when activated new amino acid chains, that occur within the body generating a Super immune system.

Your cells hear what you think

Dianelli Torres
Your immune cells that protect you from
cancer and infections, are literally watching every
thought of you, every emotion, every concept that you emit, every desire you have.
Each small cell T and B of immune system produces
same chemicals produced by the brain when thinking.
This makes it all very interesting, because now we can say that the immune cells are thinking cells.
They are not as elaborate, as is the brain cell that can do it in English
or Castilian, but they think, feel, get excited and wish, rejoices, grieves, etc.
And this is the cause of disease, stress, cancer ... etc ... when you get depressed they go on strike and let pass the virus that install in your body.