Feeding the shee


Each religion is the same deception for domination of man by man and its annulment at all levels, but staged with a different marketing.

While your political, scientific and religious society is coordinated and conditioned by these individuals, your spiritual progress, material and social will always be negative and entangled in every way.


Many times we have advised you not to persevere in this absurdity, deleterious and counterproductive existential process for what you wish to achieve, but the truth is that, voluntarily, you let yourself be carried away by the peculiar qualities of the tempter, leaving you fall into the chaos of the more steely selfishness, the most cynical sense of the cruel and anti-human wickedness.

We want to help bring on your planet the laws of universal right and of the duty, corroborated by true love, and the real divine justice. But still you resist, well knowing the serious consequences that are going to find.

It is necessary, absolutely, educate man making him capable to understand the indispensable necessity of not harming others or yourself and feel one with his neighbor to whom must love more than himself *


Channelled from Adoniesis - aliens speak to you

* Never more than himself, but "as himself"




Who himself segregate by nation, by race, by religion or any other creed, to this world is chaining himself or to another of similar characteristics in the cosmos. He will not see the reality of the Universal Brotherhood * and if, connected with this he would cause harm to another or others, he will have to relive situations in which someone as blind as he would trouble him for nation issues, by race, by religion or other faiths until it is printed on his subconscious the knowledge that all this does not matter in a framework of greater understanding **

* While he continues limited by the falsity of separation

** However we have to defend ourselves from those who approach us with involutive or primitive ideas, because they create a negative energy that returns to us amplified from the other dimensions of existence and someone else could tune with them;  this defense should be done protecting us against the destructive energies (1) and through Love


El Libertario

(1) we have to create a protective barrier in us against all negativity so that only can cross that barrier the energies of good and Light


Several groups of visitors* would like to establish themselves as spiritual agents because they know how to express themselves in the Mental Environment. They can communicate with people directly, and unfortunately, because there are very few people in the world who can distinguish the difference between a spiritual voice and the voice of the visitors, the situation becomes very difficult.

Therefore, the second area of activity comes to getting the loyalty of the people through their religious and spiritual motivations. The truth is that this can be done very easily, because humanity has not yet developed or strengthened in the Mental Environment **. It is difficult for people to discern where these impulses come. Many people want to surrender to anything they think they it has a greater voice and greater power.


The allies of Humanity
* Invaders space beings who came to take advantage of us

** Fluoridation of our water is done for our easy domain, as well as adding of fluoride to our daily hygiene


There are also brothers of another breeds evolutionarily stragglers and / or in extinction process, that do not feel nor live this 'unity', and are those who in other writings have been called "antichristic forces." They have been named so because they are forces contrary to love and fraternal friendship forces; they are entities that live  'in' and 'for' the violence, and they need to dominate others to live, because they require dense and rude vibrations to "feed" themselves. They require an astral-material prana rude to continue to survive and they get it through the struggle, strifes and war, and that is what they are dedicated (at least during the time they have left most of these races before its extinction... ). For the reason explained they to have been called "antichristic" because their goals are contrary to the Universal Ethics of Love, Respect and Fraternity.

But these forces can never penetrate the Universal Christic Sphere, because in this Great Sphere can only live entities that have managed to "vibrate" in love, service and friendship.

Therefore, dear brothers, you must know that in the Cosmos exist "both Forces" and exist also "both forces" inside every human being that is evolving on your planet.

To be part of "The Solar Sphere" the human soul must "earn" such a position of belonging, conquering 'awareness of light and unity' and winning the 'enemy' that is within himself. Such enemy is the antichristic Forces inside him, ie, the energies of separateness or ego-ism.


Cosmic Brotherhood messages

The spiritual teachings promoted in your world * will serve only for the humans to become submissive, open and free of suspicion, so that they can harvest a confidence they have never won.

We have seen these things before in other places. We have seen entire worlds falling under the control of groups such as these. There are many groups of this kind in the universe.


The Allies of Humanity

*the visitors


Those working in the true light of the Spirit do not want you to worship them, do not seek power over you and will not accept your worship. They are fully aware that they are not the source - and are antennas, which serve the dual function of receiving and transmitting energy and information. They will remember you this throughout all his teachings and healings, never consenting to the ego to set between you and the brightness that is being spread through the work that together have proposed to end. You will be directed to your interior, where the light of your exquisite being reflect the glory and wonder of all that you are discovering through your unity and your mutually enriching experience.

They will celebrate your gifts, your wisdom and your beauty ... without glorifying themselves.


Patricia Cori


It is important that awake, that you remain awake every second of your life. Do not miss the opportunity to live feeling and being what you really are, beings of light, beacons of light that illuminate others to wake up. Anything you do in the life stop before making it and think what you will do and not be led by the different energies that are very revolts, and only can bring you unpleasant consequences. Be able to forgive your friend and I tell friend and not enemy because there is no enemy, we are all one, all came from the same place and return to it. Only the different behavior distinguishes you one from another. Do not be afraid because immobilizes you. Have more faith in you and your Higher Self or Pure Energy. Let yourselves be guided by it and gradually you will bring up the Mastery of Domain of Energy and situations making yourselves what you are, authentic Masters.

Life sometimes you think long and hard, however, is beautiful and enriching

and above all it is an opportunity to return home soon.


Master Enoch messages


Nothing happens around you at present that is purposeless. Although opposites and dark energy exist in duality, what you call good and evil are illusions with purposes. From the highest vision, opposite polarity do not exist, and all is part of the highest good and to it leads. Earth is a testing ground, and although the experiences you have in duality are very real to you, these essential lessons were designed for development as co-creators. You are learning, growing, getting education, and you are teaching yourselves to optimally manage the energy to become conscious co-creators with the All That Is, Creator God as you call it. One of the stages of development in the learning process of the university of duality includes managing opposites as realities with good and evil, and how these opposites exist in duality, is a requirement to choose the good in the path of love. The struggle between light and darkness, good and evil, is within all of you.




You have to put aside their "science" and embrace your science making each day to expand it with your effort and of those who are like you. Their "science", which is given to you, is a body of doctrines and teachings to keep you hostage, prisoner in this small sphere, without suspecting that you are member by right of a much larger community, a community of beings who dwell in millions of stars, most belonging to different galaxies to ours.

Do not stop to get knowledge to increase your science, but be careful of what you will be given because it is very frequent the false knowledge to tie you so that you can not grow or escape. Your work is to study and ask the appropriate * guide and not to take the wrong teachings

As a rule, everything that tend to unite is true, comes from the light, and what tends to divide bears the stamp of those who limit us, those who serve darkness, evil beings.

Do not stop to experiment, but you have to know and master the matter while studying and experiencing the spirituality, because they must always go hand in hand without neglecting any of them; both knowledge must grow if your choice is to transcend the dense planes.



El Libertario
*to the BEING and to your guides

There were many thinkers who tried to prove the existence of God, as many as those who tried to prove its nonexistence; the nonexistence of God would mean that man and everything around him comes from nothing, which is, at least, impossible.

But please, that no one of those who believe that proved the existence of God try to chain us to rules based on its existence; that no one impose creeds to us on this basis, because those who impose rules and creeds are always the delegates of those who represent the Darkness, whether or not aware of it.

El Libertario

Until Humanity not ripen as soul group, will continue attracting to the experience of life conflicts of all kinds. Until man do not find true peace, wisdom and the resulting enduring harmony, he will not reflect in the external life a better condition.

Most humans, still blame others..., to the rulers, certain nations, the mafia, etc., of their misfortunes; without understanding that by "law of attraction and repulsion", Humanity, in its adolescent and immature spiritual process has generated such a jarring somehow condition.

It is true that there are directly responsible of the great evil in humanity, it is true; but it is also true and factual that humanity, in its ignorance, has not succeeded in creating a better condition than what now has and lives.


Cosmic Brotherhood messages


When you get stuck in thoughts of limitation, holding beliefs such as "this is not possible", "this is not allowed," "this will go wrong," etc., you are immersed in the illusion of separation.

You get caught up in the illusion of linear time, the illusion that they are just a body, the illusion that they are separated from God. Thus, the soul is temporarily 'attached' to certain realms of experience, as the third dimension in which you are now most of the time.

Este estar atrapado o ‘atado’ también es llamado k​a​r​m​a​.​ Llegar a estar ‘libres’ o sueltos, a menudo precede a lo largo de un número de pasos o estadios a lo que ustedes llaman ‘crecimiento interior’. Desde el punto de vista del Espíritu, sin embargo, ustedes están simplemente recuperando las fuerzas a su estado natural de divina conciencia. Desde este punto de vista, liberar karma no es nada más que recordar su propia divinidad.

* Channeling of Sananda; Sananda is the name by which he is known in the worlds beyond to Jesus, who visited us as Jesus of Nazareth and whose teachings were highly distorted to create something that he did not want: a religion. Joshua Ben Joseph, another of the names by which was known to Jesus, means "Son of Joseph", although his father was Judas of Gamala (Theudas the Galaunita or Judas of Galilee), who died in the Revolution of Census and after that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was married to an elder man to bring up their children; Judas of Gamala himself was coming from the House of David and Jesus was his firstborn. Knowing these details meant many deaths decreed by the Church using its influence after been it taken by the agents of Darkness

The person who walks again this path, the one of the life of this world, is always the same, although almost always slightly improved and sometimes only a little worse. Just change the characters in the play, his papers and props.


El Libertario