The virtue is in the middle


Always virtue is in the middle; extremes meet; being in the middle means being in balance.

Most of the ills that we see in our society are due to the imbalance, which generates poverty and wealth, do much or do anything, dream of creating or dream of getting what others created.
Between light and darkness (good and evil) must always be a balance and we have to establish it with our skills as a whole. Darkness means lack of useful knowledge, the exploitation of man by man, Capitalism and Communism such as it is carried everywhere on Earth.
Beings who serve the Darkness led to the existence of both Capitalism and Communism (which was created the richest servants of Darkness: the Rothschilds).

The fruits of capitalism are well known:

This implies that a minority holds almost all the power and disposes of the vast majority of wealth. This minority is leading a system that behaves like a feudal regime that transformed itself but disguising, so that most people work many hours for a paltry salaries for the "lords". The main "lords" today are the bankers and the politicians are at their service, but they pay them well in exchange for knowing to lie and to have their loyalty, regardless if they have academic preparation or not. The pay that is given to those who put useful work, most of us, are some papers that we call money and that really are notes   almost without real value because it is money not backed, ie, fiat money. So these feudal "lords" are making most nations dependent on them after lending them huge sums of this money almost worthless; for it they need political puppets to implement policies that will make the states into debt endlessly. Meanwhile the vast majority is given useless knowledge * and religion; the religion is intended to keep docile to the majority, but it is responsible of maintaining this people hostage of beliefs that almost always incite to fear and war, turning the person into an automaton in the service of the priests by canceling the ability to think of his followers.
For all this, this type of regime, Capitalism, means hunger, abuse, diminished FREEDOM and imbalance in nature after abusing her because the capitalism acts as if resources were unlimited.

On the other end is Communism:

They made us believe who dreamed with communism* that it was the eighth wonder, that people were wise, that almost all persons were engineers and that with it all the problems were over. As has been so far carried, Communism represents the most blatant  feudalism with adoration to the great idol , the feudal "lord," maximum chief of the party; It implies that there is a deified political caste supported by a large army and a large surveillance and repressive apparatus, rather than be a major producer  with many producing machines that serve the people, which should work on useful tasks a maximum of four hours a day  having so all their needs covered.
The truth is that until now the communists who first made disappear were the people able to think for themselves, the people who had a little of preparation (more than a million in a short time in China). FREEDOM in these regimes is absent, including freedom of expression, so the big famines were hid (even the cannibalism in communist China due to starvation); to anyone of outside or inside was allowed to know the total numbers of missing or arrested and taken to the gulags, more than any other regime.
A well functioning Communist regime would have wealth for all and would not depend on foreign trade and less of the trade with countries with capitalist regimes.
Why in Cuba, located in the Caribbean, with a wonderful climate, monocultures are allowed to exist? If there really are many engineers, something of which they boast, and they are not specialized in scratching their buttocks, they never should have allowed to exist in this paradisiacal area monocultures; with so much sea and so much sun they should have many seawater treatment plants as to have no water problems able to keep all kind of crops, getting much of its energy from the sun. In a capitalist regime the issue of monocultures is understandable but, why are there in a Communist regime? It was not supposed in these regimes the people was well prepared? Why is there hunger in Communism? Do not you realize that many things do not work in this type of regime? What does not work is how they are leading it and this is because those in the power are also at the service d Darkness.

The vast majority of religions are now at the service of the Darkness and satanic rituals are common among their leaders; provided there is someone in power belonging to a secret sect we will also be governed by the Darkness, as the sects came to serve the dark people after having been introduced these in them.

We have to wake up and realize that the power is in us and that we must not cede it; to awaken we must work to learn useful things every day. We should internalize the idea that every time we look us in the mirror we see the true God, He who has all the names that exist in all the beings of all the galaxies, and that when we see someone else we also see the true God and every time we open our eyes to observe nature, for this is the tool that He put in our hands to express ourselves and to create.
Only the useful knowledge and express love will liberate us. We must win the knowledge and for that we have to work. Love is something we can give for free and if we give it, much more will return to us, for so has arranged the Universe, as it is one of the Universal Laws.


El Libertario
* The circus for the masses, represented by football, TV and films that does not contribute to their personal growth

Being a personal friend of Karl Marx and his accomplice during the First International, the anarchist Mikhail Bakunin knew firsthand what he was talking when he wrote:

"Marx is Jewish and has around him in London, in France and especially in Germany, a multitude of small Jewish (...) banking and commercial agents, writers, politicians, correspondents of all shades, ultimately, agents while literary financial agents, with one foot on the banking and the other in the socialist movement. (...) they have taken over all newspapers, and can you imagine the sickening literature they produce. The whole Jewish world , forming a united sect of profit, a people of bloodsuckers, one gluttonous parasite closely and intimately linked not only across national borders, but through all the different political views; this Jewish world is today mostly available to Marx at the same time that available to the Rothschild *. "


Mikhail Bakunin, 1871, "The personal relations with Marx".

* The grandfather of the richest man on the planet Lionel Nathan Rothschild and the great-grandfather of Karl Marx were brothers; "The Family", the Illuminati, never lets enter strangers to it, and doesn´t let them go, because they could talk too



Theodor Herzl*, founder of intellectual Zionism, in his book "The Jewish State" noted that "social classes" - high and low- dominated both capitalism and communism, which is one of his creatures.

"The components of our lower classes become proletarians disturbing the order, become subordinates of all revolutionary parties, while increasing the fearsome power of money in our upper classes."


Theodor Herzl - "The Jewish State"

*really he represents the Khazar Ashjenazi Zionism; the people of Khazaria were not Semites and were not Jewish, although in theory they converted to Judaism


The world in which we live is the result of our thoughts. The Illuminati seek to manipulate the conscience of humanity to forge with our thoughts a reality that benefits to them.
The cultures that emerged after Christianity, as Islam, are the only ones who ignored the extraterrestrial influence in the history of the Earth. All ancient cultures that survive today hold the story based on beings from other planets who came to ours.
In the late Middle Ages, the Illuminati moved their operations centers to Spain.
At this time they allegedly discovered the New World that they had hidden in the past. From Spain, the Illuminati moved to England. From the latter, they moved part of its operations to the United States. The North American nation was originally created in the image of the Illuminati by high-ranking Masons.
The dollar sign is the serpent entwined on the rod belonging to the serpent cult.
Today the main economic and military center of the Illuminati is in the United States, the main political center in England and his church in the Vatican. The high hierarchy of the Catholic Church holds the ways of the Church of Babylon secretly. The rest of the church has no idea what really happens.
As in the past, the Illuminati continue to manipulate humanity from the Secret Societies. Some of these companies are Masons-Templars, Skull & Bones, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commision, among others.
All these organizations respond to the Illuminati families descendants of Babylon.
The hierarchy of secret organizations is introduced into the most influential political, economic, religious and social institutions in the world to advance the Illuminati agendas. Most people within secret societies are unaware of the true intentions of why there are these organizations.
Illuminati families are maintained using the same symbols since ancient times. The symbols are used as logos in their corporations and institutions to identify them.
Some of the major Illuminati families are Windsor, Bush, Rockefeller and Rothchild, among others.
The handling means that the Illuminati have used more effectively is money. International banking is completely controlled by the Illuminati. In this way they can make the economics and politics of the world to behave according to their plans.
The Illuminati agenda for the twenty-first century is to create an only government on the world, but fascist. Through international banking, they intend to lead broken banking to all countries. In addition, they will seek that nations become involved in a third world war to justify a global government to solve the problems. If achieved this plan all fundamental rights will be abolished, and every person will bear a chip by means of which will be connected to a central computer.
Our history deleted