The devil naked


Our lack of knowledge is the mother of all negative creations and all the evils that always beat us.

Our mind is the creator of the devil *.
United as a great group and a great collective unconscious we materialize the devil and his fire even being it only a mental creation from us.


Our greatness is our downfall when we focus our minds so that our creations turn against us.


We must learn to focus our minds on the positive if we choose not experience the fears that trap us and its results as negative entities materialized.


If a majority of us grow spiritually so that choose almost always the Light, the good, will not exist enough power for evil materializing and then prey on people who let be caught passing to serve negative entities created by us in most occasions.

Of course there are beings focused on the negative that resulted as creations of other beings outside the Solar System and are maintained by minds beyond our control, but if most of us focus on the positive we will create great Light and these beings of evil would not be able to manifest among us for not having a support; Apart from this, a collective unconscious focused on what 'they are not' would not allow them to approach us.

Do not let that those who set us the traps catch you with their cheating and fears, because they will tend to make you materialize negative creations**.

El Libertario
*we create both our heavens and our hells and these remain as creations, though none of them lasts forever, because they will lose strength not being sustained by many beings mentally (or none) and other creations will take their place
**religious institutions, once they became governed by beings of Darkness in their highest positions, always tried and continue to try to focus our mind to avoid the demon, but well know the people of the highest ranges that it is this way we give them strength and bring them into existence with our power of creation and our fears
See section 'We are Creators' for more information