Significant art


Tribal art can also help us to realize what really happened on Earth.

The stories about the Chitauri that tell us the African shamans, guardians of ancient knowledge, have their rationale


This section complements the section "Our ancient teachers"
 Engraved Paleolithic bone; Dordogne, France
 Reptilian being found in a cave in Illinois, USA 
 from the Burrows Cave
 of the Han Dinasty; China
 Ancient figure of the Indus Valley
 of the Burrows Cave
 Olmeca statue; 1150 to 550 B.C.
of Mohenjo Daro
 of Dumuzi, Sumerian
  Terracotta, greek god Selinus; 300 B.C.
 Neolithic Chinese figurine 
 Olmeca ancient god; the  Olmec, located in Central America, came from Tell Halaf in northern Syria; they arrived to America about the year  7500 B.C.
 Olmec terracotta; 900 to 500 B.C.
 Venus of the Valdavia Culture, Ecuador; 3800 to 1500 B.C.

 of Ag Kupruk, north of Afghanistan; 18000 B.C.


Figures of tribal art

 Ancient vases, Africa
 Mangbetu ceramics; Congo
 African crafts
 of Ghana
 Antcient figure; Congo
 of the Akan; Ghana
 Figure od Burkina Faso
 Sumba mask, Indonesia
 Pre Columbian; of Tumaco La Tolita; Colombia
 of Tumaco La Tolita
 of Tumaco La Tolita
 of Tumaco La Tolita
 Pre Columbian; Taino art
 of San Agustin; Colombia
 of the Tairona Culture, Colombia
Haniwa ceramic, Kofun Period; Japan
 Korwar, Papúa, Indonesia; this estatues represent the Indonesian ancestors
 Korwar, Indonesia
 Korwar, Papúa

 Antcient art images

 Hittite god Hatarsuhas; 1780 to 700 B.C.
 of México
 of Nevali Cori, Turkey
 of the third century; Moche Culture, Peru
 of Ecuador, 300 B.C.
 Durga godess, India; 200 to 100 B.C.
 Ivory of Afghanistan; it is believed to represent an interstellar gate
 of Luristan, Irán
 of Luristan
 Valkyrie of the Iron Age, Denmark
 Garuda, India
  Mayan ancient figures
 Guerrero jaguar
 Camatzootz, Mayan statue
 Qaaw´a Sotz, of Central America
the Batman Zapotec
 Ahriman, viewed from the front and back; Ahriman was the opponent of Ahura Mazda in Zoroastrianism - evil versus good - the Darkness against the Light
 Papazu, Sumerian devil
 of Mesopotamia; Lamashtu, Anu daughter; Anu was the chief of  Annunaki that visited Sumeria; this means that she was sister of Enlil and Enki (the creator of the actual humanity), since both were children of Anu
 Lamashtu, of the ancient Mesopotamia
 of Luristan, Iran
of Tell Halaf, Syria; 900 B.C.
 Ancient relief of Iran
 of India, 200 B.C.
 of ancient Mesopotamia
 of Central Asia; third  millennium B.C.
of Pozo Moro, Albacete; Spain
 Sumerian tablet
 Sumerian tablet
Sumerian tablet
 of Sumeria
 of Karatepe, Turkey
Roman gold pendants; second century
 of Illinois cave; being with one eye 
  of México, 16000 years old
 Pre-Mayan, of Ojuelos, Mexico
 Celtic coin; first century B.C.
 Statues of Mongolia
 found in s cave in Java
of Java
 of Java
 Sumbawa, Indonesia
in Sumbawa, Indonesia
 Sumba, Indonesia
 of Sulawesi, Indonesia
 of Sulawesi, Indonesia
 of Sulawesi, Indonesia
 of Bada Valley, Celebes, Indonesia

Polovtsian statues of Ukraine

This statues can be found in many countries, such as Russia, eastern Ukraine, Germany, Southern Siberia, Central Asia and Mongolia. They date back to the Eneolithic Period, IV millennium B.C.; Polovstkian means that the people who left them were blonde people from the east, the actual Siberia

in the Island of Jeju; South Corea

 of Jeju; South Corea
 of Jeju

Art of ancient Russia


 UFO figures

 Mayan artifact
Mayan artifact
 Pre Mayan artifact
of the Mochica Culture

Comparison between cultures

 Ancient Peru
 Ancient Mesopotamia
 Tillya Tepe, Afganistan
 Ancient Sumerian
 Anahita, goddess of Persia
 Ancient Crete
 of Jiroft
 Ancient Celta
 Ancient Ugarit
 Ancient Rhodes
 Ancient Egypt
 of Luristan, Irán
 of Tureng Tepe, Iran; third millennium B.C.
 Anciento Iran
Ancient India
 Ancient Egypt
 Ancient Uruk
 of Iran, third millennium B.C.
 of Uruk
 Ancient Greece
 Ancient Crete
 Ancient Sumerian art
 of Jiroft, Iran
of Jiroft
 of Jiroft, Iran
 of Luristan, Iran