It is very important that the feminine energy gains power to level up with the men.
In times of matriarchy the feminine energy prevailed over the masculine and were mainly peace times; lunar cycles were prevailing and the Goddess through their priestesses.

The matriarchy fell* mainly because of how it had been led; it was very hard for many men, as they did the heavy work and the vast majority of them had no access to sex, the same as the vast majority of women; only had access to it the strongest men chosen for that purpose and a certain group of women.

This produced a revolution with the introduction of new concepts such as the evil represented by an evil being who was the one who was suspected taking in account the most fractious men; that being of evil was male and eventually rivaled in power with the Goddess.
With the passage of time had more power the being of evil than the Goddess. The being of evil had his priests, able to appease him and intermediaries of masculine gender.
Began to exist male bosses and gradually patriarchy was introduced

Patriarchy always brought a lot of pain and wars because the men thought more with the muscles and certain glands that with the head; the woman was subdued and the feminine energy, that of the compassion, the emotion, etc.

It is time for this to end and thus the subjugation of women.
Both energies must be balanced so that there is no discrimination across the Earth by sex and especially in the centers of power.
With the women in the centers of power, both political and religious, there would be less conflicts

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* forever the secret government people of those times was behind trying to bring the toughest conditions, because over time they access to positions of power throuh people of ours that are left to buy

To understand until what end can end the barbarism of the submission of the female by the male you have to think about what the cultures based on Islam are manifesting, where 50% of the population are slaves (their wives) and treated as such by its laws; if we had not stopped the feet of the Church in the West we would be treating the woman like on Islam.                                                          
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What kind of ideas we are letting to access in countries with greater degree of freedom under the guise of being open to all kinds of ideas and religions? Do you think that will favor us to let people with medieval ideas to be expressed with their primitive minds between us?
All thought creates and helps to form collective unconscious; no problem with allowing open mind people to access the advanced countries, but we will have serious problems if we allow the primitive barbarism of Islam to advance; so we have to fight, but the fight against this progress must not be with knives or bombs, but with knowledge; we must help our brothers of Islam open their mind to spirituality and discover that they are something far greater to what they taught them in his religion; they need to discover that "we are all one", the same that need to find out the people of all religions.


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A spirit or soul has no gender, is neither male nor female. When you adopt body shape, you choose a male or female body, depending on what you you lack. If, for example, you need to develop tenderness and love of a mother, you will choose a female body.

We develop intuition from the female part of ourselves, and the strength and firmness of the male.

Each person has many incarnations as man and woman. You have to learn to see your neighbor, not as a man or a woman, but as a being in evolution. And you must see you in the same way. You're just in this life temporarily, as a man or woman. This is not your permanent identity.

Lesbians and gay men lack a clear understanding of the role of sex they have chosen. They are in a transitory incarnation. A homosexual may have been a woman in his latest incarnation and still feel like a woman. It is possible that, after undergoing a sex change operation, is in a better psychological state. He chose a male body for good reason, to help himself to learn certain lessons, to develop certain strengths. After the operation, the lessons will remain. One should not feel guilty for having a sexual preference, but should always continue to explore his lessons in life: Why I chose this body? Why did I choose these circumstances?


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