Vaccines for our control


Vaccination campaigns against influenza (and others) are intended to eliminate much of the population of the Earth; they aim to reduce the total population of 7000 million people to less than 500 million *; also they are part of the plan of the elite to the so-called New World Order through which the entire population would be controlled (by microchips or other gadgets)

It is important that people of Earth stop vaccinating if they want to survive


See: Bill Gates and vaccines to reduce population
It seems that this man (Gates) has no mind enough to realize that only not reducing the population of trees on Earth and planting more trees, the CO2 would decrease, because the trees, along with grass, absorb millions of tons of CO2 each year because they take carbon C of the CO2 of air to form its wood and release oxygen O2; if we would not use fossil fuels the CO2 would decrease drastically
Vaccines are a big business for the pharmaceutical companies and their bosses, the Illuminati bankers are the people seeking to exterminate them much of the population.
The many dangers of the vaccines
22 Medical Studies That Show Vaccines Can Cause Autism


To the Dr. Ghislaine Lanctot they withdrew her medical degree just for bringing to light what the vaccines assume in her book The Medical Mafia; through the following link you can download the book in pdf.


If they would really want to prevent or even cure diseases caused by viruses or bacteria, including the strangest, we had been informed about the universal antibiotic, Colloidal Silver, as it is also preventive and they would not hide the Ag4O4, Tetrasilver Tetroxide.

We all have to be one against this imposition for our extermination

* They have expressed on many occasions this purpose of reducing the world's population, as it is written in stone and in several languages in the Georgia Guidestones: reducing the world's population below 500 million people