Awake to HAARP

                                 What is important is the message, not the messenger


In this evolutionary round of human and planetary events, the Secret Government is just a step to dominate the energy of Gaia*: an inconceivable strength to you as individual units of the great cosmic being. This time really have fingers on the pulse of Mother Earth. Now, just at a cosmic moment of your ascension in the third dimension, they are determined to alter the mental-emotional-physical body of the planet to a point that might well interfere with the process. They are very close to succeeding ... where previously failed. This crucial point states like no other the polar extreme confrontation of forces, to reach a resolution in the next stage of terrestrial evolution.


This phase is unlike any other in the millions of years of the existence of Gaia because it is an ascension.
Never forget that the more your collective light the brighter becomes the darkness. You, loving beings of Gaia, have come to anchor the light that is needed now, and you are preparing for it in personal and planetary levels.

Today are taking place experiments similar to those that led to the end of Atlantis in a complex military lab that operates in the snowy lands of Alaska, home of HAARP Project. The testing areas of HAARP experimental facilities house a complex maze of antennas designed to transmit unimaginable levels of radio waves of the upper end of the spectrum towaord the ionosphere of the etheric body of the Earth, artificially heating the upper part of the atmosphere, for reasons that you're going to sound in the best case as science fiction. How could it be otherwise? What rational explanation could be found to alter the natural energy field of the Earth ... especially at a time when the lower part of the atmosphere, the ozone layer has already reached its "breaking point"? However, this is far from fiction, dear. This is the reality in the present of your physical lives. It is the emergence of the dark Atlantis. Note that there are many levels of misinformation operating in your world. The dark hierarchy which currently chairs the Earth is stimulated by the Anunnaki, predecessors of the power elite or Secret Government. They, invisible managers of the power of your earthly kingdom, are setting the rules, who put the players in appropriate positions on the board of your world: a landscape marked by imaginary boundaries that are designed to look like separate countries and make the game more intriguing and controllable. Government leaders, that apparently guide and direct the military, economic and political strategies of your societies, are mere puppets in the game ... and they know it.

As pay for his obedience, they receive large bonuses for their egos, intense stimuli of their lower chakras and a place in contemporary history. Those who dare to truly bring about change, forgetting that there is a power structure to which they must pay tribute, end up being eliminated. Are the leaders for peace killed, unarmed and unhappy working for the freedom of humanity and for the peaceful resolution of global conflicts and human suffering.

In essence, we encourage you to rebel against dogma and hierarchy of control systems, encouraging you to join.

The pro HAARP propaganda from the military people presented the project as a relevant scientific enterprise to global level, intended to facilitate greater understanding of Earth's atmosphere and global warming, and at that level of protocol they sincerely believe in it. Their understanding of the project is based on very real concerns about the alterations of the ionosphere and its potentially harmful effect on global military communications and supervisor satellites.
What they do not mention the Level One of the military hierarchy is that one of the covert applications of HAARP Project is the creation of the ultimate weapon, which will put the entire planet to its knees. When fully activated, HAARP will allow them to manipulate your climate, control communications and global surveillance, rebuild the electromagnetic plot that formerly surrounded the Earth completely and return to total domination over the human personality, which is easily affected by changes atmospheric pressure, lack of sunlight and altered electromagnetic frequencies.
Geophysical warfare, mastering the forces of the Earth as sources of power, can alter the climate in certain parts of the world, cause damage on ocean currents, divert and disrupt communications systems and stun entire populations.
The truth is veiled by the "self-defense", the erroneous justification for all abuse of power, which will repeat the perennial architects of the war being waged in the innocent Earth.
Still, even the highest military ranks will not have access to the truth about the HAARP, its enormity, and neither would be able to imagine ... because, unlike the inner circle of the power elite, they are not the Anunnaki lineage.
We ask you to imagine a sufficiently powerful weapon to affect the entire global civilization, the planet itself, operating by electromagnetic waves and resonant waves and you will understand why the bombs and military arsenals are so outdated for the military as inkwells and pens  are for writers of the computer generation.
Imagine what could be done if the scientific and military community got the resonance of the planet ...: this is pop the auric field of the Earth, the ionosphere, emitting enough gigawatts of radio frequencies from the upper end of the spectrum as to alter her etheric being: her mental, emotional and physical bodies. You, creatures of the Earth also will be left disturbed, because you are a reflection of the Goddess and you are subject to the laws that govern her being.


Military leaders, puppets of Level One of the power elite, believe they are working on the perfect weapon, designed to control the enormous powers of Gaia against an elusive "enemy", with the intention of keeping the population under control . And this is true at that level, because in this process are involved many levels of operation and intention. They are perfecting the weapon of weapons and have reason to believe that its covert and subliminal control over you will intensify greatly, but this is nothing compared with the consequences of manipulating the shield: the ionosphere of Gaia auric field.

All weapons of destruction currently known in your world, nuclear arsenals, chemical and biological weapons, sophisticated space vehicles and smart missiles, will be completely obsolete when HAARP is fully operational. You will not want to know what it will produce when it is at full power. The accumulation of these electromagnetic emissions undoubtedly will cause unimaginable changes on the surface of the Earth and within it, upsetting life that lives there. In addition, we reiterate, it could very well interfere with your ascension process.

A global awareness of the project would alter the development of the experiments being carried out at present in the atmosphere and underground. But you must know about HAARP to understand how the Secret Government is attempting to radically manipulate the energy of Gaia.
There, in the remote lands of the frozen Alaskan tundra, the military scientists are generating a deadly power that can pop the ionosphere of your terrestrial atmosphere, issuing what would be measured as one hundred billion watts of radio frequency of the upper end of spectrum. In their experiments unknown to most of the human population, they are already operating at 8-10% of that colossal force. They have been actively increasing the load directed toward the ionosphere and are already working with more radio frequencies of more than eight billion watts.

The main objective of the project is the deliberate heating of the ionosphere, so much as a microwave oven heats your food. His intention is to stimulate the ions in the upper part of the atmosphere in an attempt to manipulate certain electromagnetic reactions, reactions of special interest to power, and, according to the Anunnaki, are an absolute necessity for the future of Nibiru.

For the HAARP scientists, managers of the highest level, you are laboratory animals and your cages, the Gaia electromagnetic fields are much more interesting than individual human beings and other life forms that will suffer its effects. Therefore, prepare ... because this is just the beginning of the strange alterations and suffering that soon to be familiar to you, as the pressure increases in the pot of the upper layers of Earth's atmosphere. It's just the beginning ...
We want you to consider carefully what we are saying before reacting to it ... from a place of serenity and calm. We wish to provoke you, that you begin to ask questions, to pay more attention, so you dare to speak. Our intention is not to disturb you, but to encourage you, because it is now of the utmost importance that you have a greater awareness of what is happening around you. This is your liberation.

What is behind the project, the intention of power is to control that huge geophysical force by controlling the geophysical frequencies of the planet, governing all forms of life and getting the complete submission of the Earth. They believe that when they have reached the electromagnetic beat, the oscillations of the thoughts and the song of the soul of Gaia, will be able to establish resonance between Earth and Nibiru: such intense cosmic connection that both beings would be inexorably linked through non-time of their existence.


Why? Its awry plan is to create a vibrating bond so powerful that the earth attracts Nibiru out of its course by the cold galactic space and passing it through the astral tunnels of your Solar Deity, when the whole system would ascend. And they are advancing dangerously, because this is not as impossible as you might sound. For those who have left behind the experience of individuality, the illusion of separation, the idea that the heavenly bodies are separated is also extremely limited. In All That Is there is no real separation, because everything is vibrating linked and interrelated.

Your race, led by the Anunnaki, has reached this stage of development. We remind you that finding a stellar home has been the target of Nibiruans from those ancient times of celestial changes that took them away from Sirius. It should not surprise you that they are now putting all kinds of brakes, at the time of the ascent of your Solar Deity to the fourth dimension. It's now or never.
At the end of Atlantis, the Anunnaki lords tried to establish the same kind of energy link between the two planets, because this plan was orchestrated for a long time. It was experimenting with the primal forces of the earth what caused the collapse of an entire continent, which made appear tsunamis and floods in most of your world: the dark long winter night sunless on the face of the earth. If the Atlanteans had worked with the type of devices being used in the HAARP facility, the results could have been very different.
What if it this unimaginable situation would be reached, if the planetary pairing between Gaia and Niviru is got? What would that mean for residents of Earth, humans, animals and plants?
It is essential that you understand the karmic process. Nibiru, the wanderer, has chosen to evolve much more slowly than the planetary beings of your Solar Deity. This planet can not reach the ascent simply sliding in Earth's wave length, because that is what we are talking about here. We all come to "do the job"; not even the great celestial beings are an exception to the Divine Plan. There are no shortcuts in our return to All That Is. This is the way and the glory of the Spirit.
However, had better HAARP be destroyed before scientists with their confuse experiments and demented abuse of earthly energies, produce more changes in the auric body of your planet. As your Solar Deity prepares for ascension, storms, solar flares and explosions are to be processed in the ionosphere, the outer being of Gaia, and these events are essential aspects of its conversion as of yours. They are vital manifestations of the mutation of matter, reflections of the conscious deity, and in this should not occur interference of the perverse control technicians.

YOUR REVOLT MAY ANNUL THE TRANSMITTERS... but it must be done through the peaceful resistance, because otherwise the power will find the excuse they need to destroy you. Your collective mind, the focused conscious of many, can divert the bombing energy and remedy the energy disharmony at any level. Try to reveal what is hidden and tell the truth to all who are willing to listen.

Through the electronic noise and hum of its controls, the Goddess struggles to hear the pulse of the One Heart, the voice of your souls. You have to move faster than ever, because is missing only one minute to midnight and all is not peaceful on planet Earth.


The Supreme Council of Sirius - through Patricia Cori; obtained from chapter 8 of her book Atlantis Rising

*the Earth