Reptilians of San Agustín - Colombia


   San Agustin,  World Heritage


 one of the multiple dolmens


I am going to focus on the amount of Reptilian beings represented in these figures; I think they are represented in many cases eating children as they continue doing it today


Reptilian that eats children?


 Reptilian that eats children? polychrome figure


most of the represented beings are Reptilians


being with some artifacts


this is oversized, Reptilian also


the figure into the dolmen is usually Reptilian



Perspective of some of the dolmens



This is part of the Archaeologycal Park of San Agustin


It might also represent a baby eater Reptilian, with a knife


 baby eater Reptilian?


 In this case the eyes are not reptilian, but the fangs are not human; They may have wanted to represent the mesmerizing eyes of the Reptilian



another possible baby eater


into another dolmen


 this figure has also a baby in his hands


Well, I think they are doing what the Reptilians continue doing today from their hiding places.  Have you ever wondered why so many children disappear in USA and other countries and the governments do not investigate?
The cause is that the governments have agreements with them to obtain high technology and therefore these cases are not investigated.