Sueños de esperanza


Help them would mean to open their eyes for them to create their own livelihoods means; would mean teach them how to desalinate the sea water with solar energy, how to catch the water at night with nets, how to water drop by drop and how to keep multiple cultures (not monocultures).


Admit them massively would mean prolonging their slavery and that in their land continue uploaded to the coconut palm and prospering those who did not teach them anything useful nor left them means to subsist.

Help them would mean teach them to think without self limiting so that they can co-create a wonderful reality.

But I think the ideal would be teach them in their own land without delivering them limiting messages (those who gave religions or international aid organizations) that make them feel like slaves of a god or slaves of others.

The important thing is to teach to create, as this implies that one takes the power and not to take what others create because this condemns them to begging.


El libertario