Our moon

The moon has a diameter of a quarter of the Earth´s diameter. But it's still a giant satellite for the size of our planet. Its orbit is almost perfectly circular, which is almost impossible in space, unless someone has put it there, to just the right distance and the perfect orbit. For those who argue that broke away from the Earth, I will tell them to study about it and so they will know that it is older than the Earth by the examinations made to its components. It has almost no silicon, but the Earth contains over 27%; to collect a Kg of silicon it is neccesary to process several tons of material. Titanium is 10 times more abundant than on Earth and also the iron is abundant.
There are large domes* and these domes are supposed to be of a very pure transparent glass. It has a layer of a very hard material some 4.5 km from its surface, so the craters are huge in size but very shallow. Whenever a shock occurs on its surface, it remains vibrating for a long time, which means that it is hollow, which had been deduced many years ago.
The most logical conclusion is that it is an artificial satellite; There are many buildings on it and many people are willing that we do not know. The people that struggle with more strength to keep us uninformed are the agents of the American agency NASA (USA army dependent) and for this they falsify their photos blurring them and with digital blots.

*the glass with which these domes are made is several times stronger than steel, because they were made in an environment without atmosphere, without impurities

In Google Moon can seen clearly many areas with digital blots; this means that there are many existing buildings and they want we do not see them.
 This pyramid on the moon was captured by the Japanese satellite Tsuki-Yomi; NASA has digital blots  where this pyramid is located. Really it has 8 faces, and the same is true for the oldest pyramids on Earth, as the Great Pyramid; the 8 sides of the Great Pyramid are seen in images from satellites. The faces are not straight, as they seem, but they have a division that goes from top to bottom.
The images in this video were taken by the Japanese satellite Kaguya Selene
As you can see in the video below there are hundreds the structures that have been intentionally blurred and there are also  digital patchs; in some areas the ends of the buildings can be seen due to a poor job when blurring them
 two gigantic towers obfuscated on the Moon,  in order we could not see them
 Typical digital patches from NASA, but still some buildings can be seen;  many other are glimpsed on the obfuscated areas
 Building on the Moon
 Another buildings on the Moon
 Crater with remains of buildings; on the Moon the distances are deceptive, because in the absence of atmosphere, everything appears very clear in the distance and gives the impression of being close
 Building and its shadow
 Another view of the same previous building
 Remains of buildings in the Moon
 On the far side
 UFO almost always accompanied the astronauts
In one area there are rows of obelisks in perfect symmetry (the photos that we have  are of poor quality as they are served by the NASA)
This is the oldest known pyramid on the moon; It could be millions of years old judging  by the meteorite impacts on it
 Remains of buildings and pyramids
Group of pyramids on the Moon
Another group of pyramids
Image of the moon taken by Hubble in 2008
 Tower on the Moon
 Towers on the Moon several kilometers  high
 image magnification in one of the towers above,  the one located to the left 
 Great tower on the moon; as shown it casts a long shadow
 this is the greatest tower known on the Moon
 Large satellite dish
 Base on the Moon
  Image captured by the Russian Lunik 13 shows some objects
artifact on the Moon
 Construction demolished on the moon
 Large building in the crater Moltke, located in the Sea of Tranquility; the Apollo 11 was sent  to investigate this group of buildings
 Inside one of the rooms of the former group of buildings
Image taken by Japanese satellite
in a crater of the dark side
 To investigate these constructions on the Moon and an old spaceship of enormous dimensions was sent tthe Apollo XX
 City on the Moon
 Tower on the Moon of 21 Km in height; the dome on top is 5.6 Km in diameter
Spaceship on the Moon
 this is the giant spaceship investigated by the Apollo XX, main object of this mission; from it, they took the mummy of a woman, the head of his companion and strange writings that recall some of the oldest of those found on Earth
 another image of the former spaceship
 dome on the Moon and reflections on the glass of this
 this correspons ti the same dome of the former image
 Crater with cupola; most of the domes were broken afte a war of space people
 Another dome on the Moon; it is said that the NASA destroyed it
 Dome and something resembling a face in the vicinity
 Base and dome
 Appearance of the Moon seen with the real perspective
 another image appearance with real perspective
 Light emitted by the Aristarchus crater; until it reaches a road and is accessed through a tunnel into the crater; This crater is in the visible face
 This is again the Aristarchus crater, in the night; light is observed in the tunnel entry
 Image of the Moon of the Lunar Orbiter

The domes were made by beings with high technology and are therefore one-piece and made of a very pure and clear glass; there is no technology on earth to make a dome so huge of an only piece

All the domes made with reticles are false and here I show some evidence of this:



The agencies controlled by those who serve us the evil  are trying to deceive us and they try us to doubt everything

As I have said on many occasions, our duty is to fight to get knowledge and so realize that whenever we choose the darkness, that is, the selfish act or anyone doing harm to others, we will be chained more to this dense world and we will propitiate to continue acting and increasingly more harshly by those who serve us the evil until we learn to choose what lead us to altruism, the goodness; no matter how many hundreds of lives we have to live, in the end we will learn this lesson

 Obelisks on the Moon
 Analisis of the obelisks of the previous image  in a  publication from Russia
Some of the obelisks on the moon are huge, of a length of kilometers. In this Google video it is shown one camouflaged with digital blur


Why blur the images to us? Would you believe those who are blurring the images?

Ken Johnston, Chief of conservation of Photography at NASA lost his job for refusing to conceal the truth about the Moon and Mars


NASA inconsistencies

 Think: How might be possible that the shadows of the astronauts go in totally different directions if they really were on the moon where the light comes from the sun?

 N. Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (right); Aldrin shadow is abnormal (very long) with respect to Armstrong

 Why the flags placed on various missions on the Moon waved? on the moon there is no air, which makes it impossible

 Photo of astronaut of Apollo XII mission; it is seen the row of reflectors used to fool us


 UFOs or reflectors?


 Legs of Lunar Module bright and without dust; Do you think this is normal?


 Rover used in the Apollo XV Mission, its size does not fit in the Apollo; How did it arrive to the Moon?


 stupid wheel tracks

 the Rover is theoretically moving parallel to the camera, but, why did not leave ruts behind him? the ruts do not lead anywhere


 no tracks, as if lowered by a crane




 in theory this photo is taken from the Lunar Module, to 95 km in height; the shadow coming from the the spaceship seems anomalous, because from that distance every shadow produced by a spaceship should appear very diffuse; it is as if a spotlight had been very close to the camera that took the picture. If no trick from NASA, as the source of light comes from the infinite for practical purposes (the Sun), the shadow would have been the same size as the Lunar Module and not a giant shadow


 Buzz Aldrin on the moon (this is the theory); in the moon the shadows are always very hard, but the left side of the astronaut, who should appear very dark, also appears in detail; what is shown in the distance should be clear in the absence of atmosphere (possible studio image)


 It seems miraculous that the astronaut can be seen as fine in a shaded area, but if it would be a photomontage it would not seem


 Apollo 14 Lunar Module; before landing on the moon should have appeared a crater beneath him after raising a cloud of dust, but there is no crater, and a footprint can be seen; the text on the left side should appear black, completely shadowed


 strange squarely ruts and  letter C on a stone 


 the area to the right of the vehicle and astronaut, due to be in the shade, should not be visible





 Buzz Aldrin on Mauna Kea, Hawaii in 1969; take note of the hill behind, as it was used by NASA in various deceptions


 the hill on the right is the same as on the fund of the previous photo


 the same hill again


 we can guess the line from which the false fund is added; It is the same hill of Hawaii used again and again



To illustrate the theme of shadows I include two photographs:
 this case is acceptable: very dark shadow, as it should be
 referring to the stars, these should be seen both day and night on the moon, and with great intensity, but not seen in the images; It is only due to the exposure time; if they give more exposure time these would be seen, but everything else would appear overexposed; this is the explanation of NASA for it. As for how is seen what appears in the distance, this picture is correct. The shadows also fail in this image, but not due to not be enough dark, but because the astronaut should appear as a black bulk due to be located at the shadow area, or at least its back.
 Here we can see the stars and the image of the moon is not veiled; that is, we can always find explanations of NASA of one thing and its opposite, is only a matter of time to find both explanations


As you can see there are many loose ends, many errors; I think that these errors are not accidental. They are the ends that must follow the fighters for true knowledge and I think they always will leave these loose ends to, through relentless research, we can rise above our limited condition and gradually we have the oportunity to evolve and become high end beings  of the Universe, although, as always, I will express that most important developments, are to be done within us day after day showing a life more in accordance with what our soul knows.


El Libertario




We turn now to the activities of NASA under the directives of the Secret Government, and we ask you to consider what is happening on the moon. Do you you keep abreast of the activities of your space programs? Do you give heed to the time sequences of their journeys into outer space? Do not you think a little curious that thousands and billions of dollars of your tax payment were allocated to military space missions, yet most of their discoveries and official photographs are considered "confidential", to which access is warren for you, those who funded? Considering the poverty and the existential crisis facing your Western cultures, exacerbated in those poor and underdeveloped nations, we would like to ask why a wealth of resources been poured this way doesn´t question your national policies? An investment of this type, redirected towards environmental purposes, would be sufficient to remedy the imbalance in Gaia.
Flight after flight to the mysterious space, what was its purpose? Surely that first triumphant march on the lunar surface and penetrating violation of the ground of the Moon with the big flag -acts of irreverent conquest-, should have led to extensive exploration and yet only a few landings were done those early years of the Apollo missions because, they said, there was no more than useless dust and rocks.
You really will you believe it, right?
We present another scenario, a treatise of the sixth dimension on the observation of your military penetration on the Moon, which initially can be ruled out as a fairy tale of science fiction, but soon you will find out is a true picture of what is really happening there in lunar orbit. To begin, contrary to what you have been said, your moon is rich in minerals and resources which are of paramount importance for the industry and the military, and the suggestion that there is nothing for humanity is a pure camouflage.
Remember: they give you with spoon just what the authority considers that you can assimilate.
What they do not tell you, what can not be in the public domain for any reason is that many of your space missions are secret travels to the moon. They have not told you the truth about your penetration in space, doesn´t matter you, because once it has been launched, quickly you lose interest in your flying capsules. Now that they have become a routine branch of your aerospace industry, space travels no longer fascinate you, so that simply, have not been attentive.
Meanwhile, they, your new explorers have been busy creating the first lunar bases inhabited by man. They already host engineers and military experts who currently build the Lunar Biosphere, developed from research and experimentation in a similar ecosystem artificially created, to which exists today in the Arizona desert. It was verified that the land selected Lunar site presents conditions of optimal surface, where the natural structures of the moon surface and the remains of an old Annunaki colony could be used as protection against bombardment from space and as shields against observation. The available resources were also a factor in the strategic location of the Biosphere, as should be the ideal conditions for drilling and mineral water directly from the facility, and that has been achieved.

Patricia Cori - The Cosmos of Soul