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Know thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods


Inscription in the temple of Delphi




We live in a mental universe

What we emit wiht our thoughts returns amplified to us, with good if our thoughts were directed to good and with evil if they were directed to evil; It will be incorporated into our reality through our experiences

We attract what is affine to us


Utopias doesn't exist. It is only utopian what we don´t carry out as a group, that in what we do not focus our attention and interest



There is only a good: knowledge. There is only a bad: ignorance





Remember forever that your security resides in the group. Your number and your focused intention are de determining factors that can cause the pendulum of the power tilts again towards the people. Over everything, your will to confront the fear instead of hiding to it fortifies to you and it allows to you to surpass the obstacles that have been set to you ahead. United you can advance like an unstoppable force, because the power of the human determination is limitless when you work by the good and the totality.

We think that never a human resurrection has been needed more urgently that at this moment, and we remember to you that you are heralds who have come to make sound the call to wake up for all the human race.


From the Syrian Supreme Council  – by Patricia Cori




The more we give the more we will receive; if we give good we will get more good, if we give evil more evil we will receive




Those structures that are part of your karmic system can be transcended. Your attachment to your story can be transcended. Your attachment to the delusion that you find yourself entertained on your physical body, can be transcended beyond. You are a spark of the Eternal, a reflection of God as such, you are a demonstration of kindness for your brothers and sisters. You contain within you the potential to save the world.
Carefully demonstrating the potential for goodness in each of us, you can show your brothers and sisters who you really are. In every circumstance, every situation in your life, you have the ability to show kindness.


Rhea Powers 




What we think is empty, without nothing, it has an energy density of 10 to 127 Joules per cubic centimeter, ie, an almost unlimited energy that can be extracted from any point in space.

We can draw unlimited energy to supply the needs of the entire Earth using the space around us.

This is called Zero Point Energy (ZTE) and already knew Albert Einstein and Otto Stern in 1913, but the scientists that actually know it keep silent for not to know the general public.

There are devices developed on Earth to get this energy but hid and patents that support them were bought by those who exploit us so that no one can make them.






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