No aluminum

No aluminum in our food chain and our daily hygiene.
No to nanoparticles of aluminum sprayed on the air by aircrafts.
The excess aluminum is detrimental to our brain; the relationship between aluminum an Alzheimer has been  found on many occasions, and it is typical that people with this disease have it accumulated in their brain.
It is neurotoxic and directly contributes to dementia, Parkinson's and autism. It leads to chronic brain inflammation.
They have put it in our daily life by deodorants, cosmetics, in antacid medications* with Aluminum Hydroxide, cookware, in toothpastes, in the food wrapping paper, processed food, into flour, in the dyes, additives in foods, baked goods, the agents to prevent agglutination, in salt, and so on.

*it is very easy to take something alkalizing such as magnesium carbonate or sodium bicarbonate to neutralize the acidity, or simply reducing the intake of sugars and carbohydrates in general