The chosen people


How are we going to overcome the evil in the world if we get carried away by those who say they are fighting against the devil but their chiefs are controlled precisely by him?*

Have not you seen their temples with great riches and altars covered with gold? That makes no turning back because it means the triumph of matter** while a pantomime as to feed the spirit is made.

Do not you realize that they control the drug business globally through their puppets, the army people, for these in the end are always mercenaries?

They claim the fall of all our civilizations except for the Chosen People, but if they get the fall of all civilizations and the whole Earth becomes a big prison under a harsh dictatorship controlled by them, in the end the Chosen People will realize that they were always used for the purposes of these few beings of the subsoil that always require fear and blood and will also bear the weight of feeling that they were the biggest imaginable traitors to their race, the human race, without leaving for it to be just as all the other people for the reptiles.

El Libertario

*by the devil, the reptilian beings that still exist on Earth, a few, those who created the rituals to Moloch and promised protection to the Chosen People

**the matter is not opposed to the spirit, for it proceeds from the spirit and without it there is no matter; the real meaning implies the triumph of the dense, the low frequencies over the high, light and sublime



We call them Jews but they are not Jews, they are Khazars* and these seemingly embraced Judaism, but secretly they continue with their practices of  worship to Baal or Moloch; especially the ruling class of them still continue with the fear and blood practices that require their authentic leaders, the reptilians from the Draco Constellation which exercise as gods to get their elixir of life: fear and blood

*of Khazaria, between the Caspian and black seas; 90% of those who call themselves Jews today are from Khazaria, a mixture of Caucasian, Uighurs, Turkic ethnic groups, Huns, Bulgarians and Slavs; most of the actual Jews are Ashkenazi Jews and less than 10% of them have Semitic blood; the Jewish religion comes from the North Caucasus, not of the area of Israel, as we have been led to believe
A Jewish girl declares: my family worships the devil and sacrifices Christian babies

 children offerings to the god Baal




It is extremely important to know that we are the creators of our reality and how to improve this reality when we do not like it for having become very hard.

However we must not be deceived with new guilt by those who always seek to deceive us, since we create our reality among all us; we are not personally responsible for it; we are only guilty of letting us to be led by preachers with doctrines that dwindle us.

It is of first order of importance to know that we ourselves are the ones who create very powerful entities, Egregores or tulpas (Magical Emanations), focusing on the negative collectively; through this approach we will give rise to the continued existence in our reality of beings who take advantage of our negative energies, because they feed on them.

Once enough negativity was created they were able to deceive us by many means as doing us to believe in evil beings, demons, demiurge who created the hell in which we live and the matter, etc.

As soon as we leave a gap and we give credit to the people who speak of these beings already we have put a pillar for the creation of secret rituals (or not so secret) of fear and blood such as the sacrifices to Baphomet, Baal or Moloch and our hardships will continue without realizing that we have given place for them after losing our power, because the power is into us and not on something external to us as part of the ONE that we are*.

Should not exist fissures between us, that is, should not exist separation between us and we must have clear that We Are All One to be able to fight effectively and to reverse gradually the situation, so that fewer of the thinking people of the Earth focuses on negativity or the separation so that among all us would be able to co-create a much more beautiful world in which those who enslaved us could feel that they no longer have a place among us.


El Libertario

*we are an important part of the solution to the great problems of our world, but that solution will not come until we have understood that only the choosing of the union as a group leaving aside the negativity, is the tool we need for that solution



 As the scholar and researcher, L. A. Waddell, points out:

“There is absolutely no inscriptional evidence whatsoever, nor any ancient Greek or Roman reference, for the existence of Abraham or any of the Jewish patriarchs or prophets of the Old Testament, nor for Moses, Saul, David, Solomon, nor any of the Jewish kings, with the mere exception of two, or at most three, of the later kings.”
The consequences of all this for the people who have called themselves Jewish, and for humanity in general, have been quite appalling. The Mosaic Law, the law of ‘Moses’, is the law of the Levites - the law of the reptilian full-bloods and crossbreeds of the Babylonian Brotherhood. What it is not, is the law or word of God. The Torah and Talmud, both compiled overwhelmingly in and after their time in Babylon, are a mental bombardment of highly detailed laws governing every area of a person’s life. There’s no way that was given by ‘God’ on the top of a mountain.
The Levites wrote it and then invented Moses to hide this fact. Other ‘laws’ have been constantly added or revised since, to cover all eventualities. The pages of these Levite texts contain a constant and sickening theme of extreme racism against non-Judeans and the need to ‘utterly destroy’ anyone who defies them - exactly the way Manly Hall described the methods of the black magic priests. They encourage murder and mayhem of every conceivable kind. The Talmud must be the most racist document on Earth.

Here are just a few examples of the depth of its spiritual sickness:

-“Just the Jews are humans, the non-Jews are no humans, but cattle” Kerithuth 6b, page 78, iebhammoth 61
- “The non-Jews have been created to serve the Jews as slaves” Midrasch Talpioth 225
-“Sexual intercourse with non-Jews is like sexual intercourse with animals” Kethuboth 3b
-“The non-Jews have to be avoided even more than sick pigs” Orach Chalim 57, 6a
- “The birth rate of non-Jews has to be suppressed massively” Zohar 11, 4b
-“As you replace lost cows and donkeys, so you shall replace non-Jews” Lore Dea 377,1
But this is not just a grotesque diatribe of racism. Look again. It is the very attitudes that the Draco reptilians and their underlings have towards humans. Remember this horrific stuff was not written by Judeans or ‘Jews’ as a people. They are victims of these beliefs, not the authors. It was written by the Levites, representatives of the priestly bloodlines of the reptilians and the Babylonian Brotherhood, who have no more allegiance to the Jewish people than did Adolf Hitler.
The Biggest Secret  -  David Icke