The alien response



The answer came in 2001 in a 'crop circle'
The target of the Arecibo message was a star cluster called M13, whose distance is about 25,000 light years. Indeed it was estimated that the answer, if it ever came, would occur in the year 51,974 d. C. However only made to wait 27 years for the same it will be reflected near the radar observatory of Chilbolton, England, in a wheat field. What message offered the answer?


The figure of the human being had been modified by one of humanoid seeming. DNA now showed a triple helix. The solar system was represented by a central sun, 4 small inner planets, a rare conformation of 4 objects crosshair, 2 outdoor giant and 2 small along the border. As in the 1974 message, where the Earth stood out among the planets of the solar system (just to indicate the source of the issuer), now the third and fourth planet were out of flat, indicating the recipient. Finally, where before figured the structure of the radio telescope, in the harvest field it was drawn a strange flower with several petals of 9 meters in diameter.


In 1977 were launched into space the Voyager 1 and 2 spacecrafts from Cape Canaveral, both with the mission to visit and study the giants Jupiter and Saturn.
Both spacecraft reached Jupiter in 1979 with a few months apart.
Together they sent to Earth more than 33,000 images of the planet with a quality and sharpness never before seen, monitored volcanic activity and discovered new moons hitherto unknown.
It is said that within the collections achieved by the probes an there is an extraterrestrial message that was sent for three minutes and was not repeated.

 Message sent to the stars


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