The Spiritual Laws

I found a very interesting book in pdf
Like many others it explains what we are and why we are here
They are other forms of explanation of the many questions we ask ourselves; in general the book is great
This is the book of Vincent Guillem called THE SPIRITUAL LAWS





There is no greater law than Love

Love is the Supreme Law

no other higher


There is no God that


none more so than I


Many names are used

to refer to Me

but only Love defines

what I am


Only Love can measure with justness

the actions of each one

in the light of Love the souls are judged

no other yardstick

there is no better touchstone

there is no greater element of judgment.


Aquarian message, voice of God Love - Enrique Barrios



Without Love Creation and Creator would not exist, neither matter nor energy, neither space nor time.

Without Love there would be nothing, but the nothing does not exist because Love is the Supreme Fullness of the Universe.

Before the beginning was Love, after the end will be Love, but the beginning and end do not exist, because Love is the Supreme Eternity of the Universe, because only Love is Real.

Beyond Love there is nothing in spite the erudite mind does not accept it or can not understand it and fill that void with illusory abstractions, false and nonexistent concepts forged by his intellect.

Many run after the mirage created by the mind, many dwell in a universe of false fake product concepts.

Love is the ultimate reality of the Universe, you can accept it or not because you are free.

Love is not compelling, but help respecting freedom, because Love is supreme freedom.

Possessive love is not love, but attachment or desire, lower manifestations of the Upper Force.

He who loves this and hates that does not manifest my Light at superior Degree.

Universal Love has no limits, not only turns to something in particular,  it is a constant flow, all-embracing, more penetrating than Light and nothing can oppose it, because Love I Am.

One whose love is conditioned by requirements doesn´t know about the true Love.

Love is an endless give and serve without expecting to receive.


Aquarian message, voice of God Love - Enrique Barrios