Mental Universe


All we see is condensed thought, because this is the basis of all matter.

We have given shape through our mind as collective unconscious to everything that is close to us, as this serves of setting for the scene that we are acting now. For the change of scenery and scene it is necessary to change our mind and especially if we decided to experience a more benign overall scene.


But in turn, the planet we inhabit is held in thought by others of greater awareness, which, in turn, are kept as thought by the CREATIVE BEING, who in turn is part of another BEING and it is maintained by the thought of this.

The whole Universe is mental and your mind, if evolved, marks the difference.

El Libertario


The universe is a mental creation sustained in the mind of THE ALL

The Infinite Mind of THE ALL is the womb of the Cosmos


The Kybalion


Everything that exists has an established connection through the Universal Soul or breeding ground where the universe is immersed.

We are part of a body or organism to which we call God.

We have a physical body of like vibration to God, it is what we call visible universe.

We have an energy body that we call astral and that in God is the life.

We have a mind that in God we would call thought.

And we have a spirit that in God we call Love.

Each cell has the ability to generate a complete body. Thus, the body is a hologram where each cell is the representation of the whole body.


The physical body is a representation of the astral body, this of the mental and this of the spiritual.

Each part of the astral is or contains the entire astral, each part of the mind to the complete mind and every part of the spirit to the whole spirit.

That is, everything contains the whole.

The Geenom Manuscripts - The man Cosmic Cell

Everything we see in our 3D world is supported by the unconscious of a group of men *, ie, it is consensual. If something had not been supported by the unconscious of someone would not exist.

In our world is not easy to produce instant changes in the matter modeling it mentally, it requires great personal preparation, but it is possible; to do it we have to be able to form a very clear image of what we choose to get, keep in mind, and put great intention and emotion while security that we will obtain the chosen result and it will be possible to realize something immediately or modify immediately what exists, regardless of it it is something consensuated, ie supported by the unconscious of other beings or not. This is called 'miracle' by those that do not understand the mechanism of what happened, those who do not yet understand that the mind always precedes matter, supports it and models it, because the matter forever results from the mental **.

In less dense worlds the constructions dependent of the unconscious of a group, consensuated creations, are more ephemeral than in our dense world and a construction that is no longer supported by the unconscious of someone can be transformed or eliminated by a single being immediately.

We will observe as solid that world based on the frequency range in which we are aware. Worlds of lower frequency ranges, such as ours, may be perceived as somewhat hazy through what we can pass without interaction, supposing we are able to perceive them; so is perceived by the beings who have just left their dense body in our world (for a few hours in most cases, but may even be a few days).

As we progress spiritually we will live in lighter worlds, in dimensions of greater frequency, and will be able to act mentally changing our environment easily or creating it as better suits us, the more as the more evolved we are in spirit.


El Libertario
* or it was, but what was given form in our dense world is maintained for many years, hundreds of thousands of years
** the Universe is mental