Reincarnation and Darkness


I think one of the biggest traps of the people of Darkness is the meaning they have given to the idea of Reincarnation when explaining it as an expiation of guilt rather than explaining it as it really is: a learning (really relearn) through which we, the Creators*, return to merge with the BEING to achieve the great treasure of the emotions with multiple experiences through which little by little we magnify; the trip started to rise from the dense planes to the lighter can assume many thousands of lives.


Focusing the Reincarnation as an expiation of guilt provides the perfect disfigurement by the people of Darkness, those who are called sometimes 'the lords of this world', to keep in bondage to those who knew that the person is much more than what we can feel in the physical plane, because these people were escaping of their control networks and should do something to continue holding them hostage.


Thus, by means of the system of castes resulting from the concept of Reincarnation as atonement, they have made many people accept their role as outcasts or extremely poor people thinking about future incarnations more favorable for them in which the roles are reversed and justifying that there are some people with a disproportionate wealth without having made any merit, their enslavers, a few, and allowing the vast majority to experience a hard life.


  This is the perfect deception by the people of Darkness.


The people of Darkness will always set us traps through their deceptions, because that is their mission, but ours is to be alert to discover those traps through our work and determination to acquire useful knowledge.

El Libertario

*in fact we were the Creators through the Logos of which we are part