Mars, most obvious constructions

The images presented are from Mars, with the exception of counterfeit
Mars is the planet of war and is named after the god of war; Do you think there is no any reason?
Forever there is a reason; Mars was destroyed by a war and because of this it lost most of its water and its atmosphere. Its current inhabitants live under its surface; the translucent tubes of which we have images are huge and sometimes can be seen lights inside of them and we have images as well. There are other very large dark tubes. Of course, like the other planets and satellites, Mars is hollow and its interior is inhabited
Faked image
 With this we can see how much interest some people have in deceiving to us, so we can doubt of everything, even of what is real. Behind this are the people who want to keep us powerless and subject to its dogmas and commandments. The image corresponds to a fortress called Chanquillo in Peru and is presented in the media as the face of Mars, but at any time they can discredit anyone showing where it comes from really. These same people that deceive us have high resolution images of all the planets and moons of the solar system, and buildings appear in many of these satellites and planets, even very far from the Sun.

 Falsified image by NASA people

A long time ago american people protested because NASA reports only about little things and the amount of money spent so far by taxpayers is astronomical; they present authentic pictures interspersed with fake photos; Who would be interested apart from them of doing us to doubt of everything ?; the owners of this agency are those who want to keep us as sheep and the people that we call "scientific" of the system


NASA is a mafia created by former Illuminati Nazis as Von Braun

Most of what we are told is a lie and is manipulated

NASA's written history is full of lies

This was told by Ken Johnston, former chief of conservation of NASA Photography


 Structure of about 1 Km, called Amphitheatre




 This is something served by ESA, the European Space Agency; they are writings on the surface of Mars


 Constructions on Gale area of Mars presented by Richard Hoagland


 Ancient settlement on Mars


 For those who refuse to believe, in this photo of Mars the "pixelated" is three-dimensional; only certain people with allegedly "scientific" mind sees pixelated image; many of these people close their mind and not think why what they call "pixelated" appears only in very specific areas and the size of what they say pixels are quite different between a pixel and others in those areas falling into absurdity because when there is authentic pixelated in an image, the pixels are of the same size covering the entire picture and not just some parts of it




 This is one of the images of Mars that NASA serves us


 The same former image undoing the treatment NASA does in order to we do not see anything


 Another image in which was erased almost everything; this is the ESA, European Spatial Agency; we have the same trick that NASA, which means that those who control both agencies are the same


 This is the same image but without the trick of ESA



 Another image of what ESA shows us


 The former image undoing the deception


The following are constructions that are viewed under the ice deposits of Mars

 Area with constructions on Mars


 Same previous picture expanded


 Another area with constructions




 Crater Gibbs and its tubes

 the typical translucent tubes of Mars; one with a light inside




 More translucent tubes on Mars
























 these belong to the other kind of tubes of Mars


 another example of the above type of tubes