Chemtrails to poison us


Contrails are the trails left by normal plains; They are formed by the condensation and freezing of water vapor ejected from the jet engines; These trails are usually short and disappear in half a minute or less; they are visible during five minutes or less.

Chemtrails are trails of poisons to change the life conditions on Earth; they last several hours, up to five hours before dissapearing. Many chemical analysis were done to see its composition; most typical poisons they carry are:  Aluminum (it is a neurotoxin), Arsenic, Diatomite, Domoic Acid (destruction of neurons), Bario, Barium, Boron, Ethylene Dibromide (it deletes gradually the immune system), Lithium (increases cell permeability), Manganese (Pankinson and insomnia), Polymers (nanofilaments creating an illness called Syndrome Morguellons).


An easy way to distinguish between the two types of emissions is this:

- in the contrails it is not immediate the water vapor freezing, because it leaves the engine very hot with some gasses very hot also, so there is always a dark space of at least the length of the plane until the microdroplets begin to be frozen and the trail appears; in addition, for the modern jet engines it is almost impossible to form this trails
- in the chemtrails this space does not exist and immediately appear vissible the gases, líquids and the emitted particles.

Pilots, Doctors and Scientists Tell Truth about Chemtrails [Excerpts]
 Do you think it is normal that in plain nature there is so much air traffic?



NASA Scientist: Persistent Contrails Cause Global Warming


Aircrafts for the Chemtrails


 Inside of a plain for chemtrails





 I think this case is different; the containers are not united by tubes to a general tube; I think that every container simulates a passanger and has part of it filled with water; this is neccesary to see how a new model of plain behaves. In many cases this planes were shown as examples of planes for chemical spills, but this is not the case





 the aircrafts used for spraying are very diverse: military aircraft, freight spray-enabled and modified passenger aircrafts; the size of this aircrafts is very variable




 Easyjet Airbus A320 with three tubes to pour aerosols; They put them on all aircraft of this type of companies involved in climate engineering programs 


And here you have proofs of how we are sprayed

 this image shows both, the contrails and the chemtrails; the two side tracks are contrails; as you can see the tracks are formed when there is enough space


 this is a military aircraft engaged in these activities








 C-130 military aicraft spraying the city of Homestead, Florida, USA



 Continuous dumping of products recorded by a passenger on a plane











 in Findland



 Spills interruption


 Spills interruption


Connection of spills system


 These strange clouds are associated to HAARP


 spray system connection






 Sky almost hidden by chemical waste, not normal clouds, in Germany


This work on chemtrails and their poisons is interesting:


Also this work can be of interest


So it is that we ared been exposed to Aluminum and heavy metals and this already can be seen in our blod chemical analysis


Kristen Megan, dissident of USA army, confirms that they are poisoning the air of Earth with toxic metals powder


CIA is investing huge amounts of money for Global Climate Control


Nowadays the aircrafts for chemical spraying have a network of small tubes in the wings, as was seen in India and Nigeria where two of this aircrafts were forced to descend;  in both cases the USA pressed for them to be released immediately


The Illuminati are suppressing the information and images that most demonstrate that they poison us to carry out its program of extermination of most part of the humanity

A german aerospace worker was shot after declaring that he was installing devices for spraying chemicals


And Shamelessly the spraying is admitted by some countries such as USA and England, but claiming an excuse: that it is done to stop global warming


We must not fall in the trick and believe that this discharges only serve to slow global warming or that they serve only to military defence issues, as they are spreading various types of bacteria (Pseudomonas), viruses and fungi, all harmful to our health 


All this is done in accordance to those who serve us the possibility to choice the evil so that we do not remain stagnant and it is put into practice those aligned with evil seduced by material wealth and power with which they are paid; this is part of the extreme evil who planned the chiefs of the Illuminati because they know they are approaching the end of our time and with this it's time of harvest. It is time to demonstrate the spiritual level acquired by each of us, and we will have to face difficult tests.


To understand the plans of the elite servers, see the section: The Illuminati Exposed, revelations of an ex-Illuminati


You can also study The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, for those who hold these ideas are beings that were aligned with the negative, with evil


The reason fo all this is our awakening; the more sleepy we walk and deliver our power the more hard they will do the conditions  of our existence.



El Libertario





There are devices far above our heads and well above the clouds, which constantly take pictures of the Earth and of chemtrails who sow the lackeys of those who pay. So those who pay will know how are doing the work the lackeys . Of course, the Illuminati are those who pay to do this kind of work.
A military plane can travel at least at a speed of 800 km per hour (most of the planes for chemtrails are military) and sometimes these stelae last two hours and exceptionally may last five hours. Is not it logical that these trails can be seen from satellites?

 they are also above the clouds
Google Earth images

chemtrail with several thousand Km

Chemtrail over 5000 Km long


Deliberate Global Warming

Aerosol bombs over Florida


weather manipulation in Spain



Chemtrails seen from the Earth



Chemtrails and mycoplasma

Now mycoplasma is spread also in the chemtrails
Mycoplasma is the smallest body capable of reproducing itself; It is also being spread in the environment through the Chemtrails
it may cause:  
Rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer's, chronic fatigue, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, AIDS, Crohn's disease, Parkinson's disease, Gulf War Syndrome, late onset asthma, severe allergies and environmental sensitivity.


Colloidal silver against mycoplasma

Colloidal Silver, PC, is also active against the mycoplasma, where penicillin and most antibiotics fail; antibiotics that are useful against mycoplasma have undesirable side effects and they should be taken for at least six weeks; So, what are you waiting for to document yourself on Colloidal Silver and start preparing yourself?


Give time for the CS to act against mycoplasma, take it about 3 times a day keeping it in the mouth about 5 minutes at least, under the tongue if possible, and in quantity of 40 cc each time *; that is, take it for about six weeks too; no side effects, no microorganisms get used to it and is very effective against viruses and bacteria, against more than 600 different, mycoplasma included. The ideal concentration of PC would be about 10 ppm (parts per million)

Do not be fooled by the people concerned that present us someone who resulted with blue skin or dark skin, as they are very small deal of cases and they do not tell us is that the dose you need for those problems should be at least 500 times higher than the colloidal taken for months; in this case the body could not assimilate silver compounds and would lead them to the skin (usually silver compounds, not ions, cause this problems taken disproportionately).



There was always a struggle of Light against Darkness, and it remains; this struggle exists even in our minds and in our physical body.

Today the greatest evidence that the beings of Darkness exist and that they are acting openly we have it in our skies, these grids, mainly and more frequently in our cities, but also in the countryside where we never would expect so many trails and forming also sometimes a dense lattice.


Through the "understood" people the majority has been left to set a veil that does impossible to see how they are sowing the end of this planet, of its species and of all the others and leaves to do without trying at all to counter so much Darkness in basis to uniting as a large group of Light to co-create a more benign reality.

I think the Darkness is playing its role well, but the Light continues almost extinguished by apathy and because the vast majority of us are letting to be driven


El Libertario