Rules to beat cancer without fail

WARNING: These rules apply for cancers by excess acidity in the body, that is, due to poor diet; this includes most cancers. But not suitable for the case of cancers due to ingesting dangerous transgenic that affected to DNA; They not serve to cancers due to high doses of radioactivity that altered DNA; see Note 3

The two pillars to beat cancer without fail are alkalizing and oxygenation

Alkalinity and acidity are opposites; a healthy body is slightly alkaline and acidity (PH) ideal in blood is 7.35; Cancer can only live in an acid medium, with the typical acidity in cancer tissues of around 4


Actions to take if you want to prevent and if desired to get rid of a cancer:


- Do not take sugar, as they cause forever acidity in the body

- Change of diet; Most of diet should be plant, eating mainly a lot of living and uncooked vegetables (such as lettuce, carrots, etc.) and doing juicing therapy.


- Few carbohydrates, like white bread, potatoes, rice, cereals, and so on; bread and carbohydrates are converted by the body into sugar, so you have to limit them; wholemeal bread is better

- Do not take meat or if done on a small amount


- Water without chlorine. To remove chlorine, boil the water and let cool; spring water has not chlorine; to multiply its healing properties far above any water purchased, add seawater to normal water and leave about 6% of this or any fossil salt because they have multiple trace elements, such as Himalayan salt; so we get a type of healing called oligotherapy.
- If you already have cancer, a quick way to alkalize may be to take three teaspoons of baking soda (cafe size) spread throughout the day with the water that is taken; take at least two liters of water every day, preferably with trace elements, that is, with a little salt of Himalayas dissolved or with a little sea water; taking water is needed to dilute acids that often accompany to the cancer in the area where it is (as uric acid); instead of sodium bicarbonate would be ideal a mixture of alkalizing salts in equilibrium and a preparation which meets this is called "PHOUR Salts",  because sodium bicarbonate may raise blood pressure in people prone to it. As a form of fast attack there is also an alkalizing that does not raise blood pressure called AlkaLife.  change to alkaline food as soon as a cancer is detected (not sugars or carbohydrates such as bread, potatoes, rice, etc.)

 Alkalization is imperative when there is cancer, to make life difficult to it, as cancer   can not survive in an alkaline environment. In addition to changing the environment in which the cancer can survive and prosper, we must attack him by poisoning. The cells that as a self-defense are turned into cancer are anaerobic, so that oxygen is a great poison for them.

- the Colloidal Silver can also be of great help if you already have cancer, as this is a great virucidal (medicine hidden by business topics); to become cancerous, the cells need mutate their DNA; to form DNA with new chains, they use the DNA of the viruses in their living environment, as they can only live in acidic environments. So that, Colloidal Silver kills viruses that are with us and who are opportunists, so it becomes impossible for the cancer from spreading.

OXYGENATION, the way to poison the cancer:

   the ways to administer oxygen may be several, but the most effective is the auto hemotherapy; this is to take between 200 and 250 ml of our blood, ozonate it and  receive the blood again.

Another way of effective oxygenation
consists in making Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) food grade diluted to 3% in normal water; in a glass of plain water put 3-30 drops gradually rising in a few days to 30 drops in each glass and thus take for two months (gradually lower the dose during the last days before leaving). You can follow the pattern that occurs in the book in pdf "The One Minute Cure”
The kind of food grade is concentrated to 35%; this is very corrosive and dangerous for us; dilute to 1 part in 11 parts of distilled water to pass to 3%, and use gloves for the operation; in some countries it is also possible to find 9% food grade, so you would only have to dilute 1 part for every two parts distilled water for 3% of H2O2.
Another way to oxygenate enough as to poison and eradicate a cancer would be to have a home oxygen tank or an oxygen concentrator of good quality and administer to ourselves around 90% oxygen purity; when inspiring we would mix this pretty pure oxygen with the ambient air through a mask or nasal cannula (people with COPD should not exceed 30% of oxygen-rich).
You can prepare ozonated water and take it, but this would be complementary, as it is less effective.


- No fluoride, because it favors the cancer:

It is a poison and they have put it in many places on the pretext that it is good for teeth, but if we eat enough vegetables we will get the necessary amount (the excess fluoride is harmful even for teeth)
Be careful with fluorine because it produces atrophy of the pineal gland; do not use toothpaste with  fluoride (or glycerine)

- No to the chemotherapy:

This weakens all body cells and if the cancer was spread (metastasis) it will not work; also it produces large acidification throughout the body, so some people die after its administration for failing to admit it. It acidifies so much the body that sometimes appears candidiasis (Candida albicans), an opportunistic fungus that grows in areas of the body very acidified and in the digestive tract (mouth, intestines, etc.)
This work of makes clear this topic:


- No radiotherapy:

this weakens and kill many healthy cells in the vicinity of the cancer area.


- Take raw milk and peeled almonds; This is a great anti-cancer. It is better to prepare one self to make sure that does not have added sugars. Prepare with 100 grams of almonds and do not use colander (take with all the pulp)
- Take Chlorella and Spirulina mixed to 50%, two teaspoons size coffee three times a day, because the nutritional properties of these algae are very beneficial and due to its chlorophyll


- Take about three liters of water a day (for a 70 kg person) in order to dilute acids

Cancer is a defense of the cells in an area of our body in a desperate situation for them; It appears in an area in which the acidity is so high that the life becomes very difficult and they pass to work in a different way; they become anaerobic and the oxygen pass to be a major poison for them.


Cancer always will disappear with the strong oxygenation of our body through ozone or food grade hydrogen peroxide.

To become cancer cells, they need viruses to mutate; these lend them their DNA; attacking the viruses we also defend us against cancer and because of that, Colloidal Silver is effective against cancer by attacking the viruses; on occasions with only Colloidal Silver a cancer was wiped out.
To measure the degree of acidity, we could adquire the EXTECH PH110 refillable due to its  price / quality ratio; with a small drop of blood or saliva, we can reliably measure the PH. With an aquarium PH meter, which are very affordable, you can measure the pH of our urine; discard the first morning urine for the measurement; mix all the urine collected during the day and make the measurement. If there is a cancer, a highly acidic measurement will be obtained , between 3.5 and 4. 5 (normal urine between 5.5 and 7); ideally 7.35 (7.35 to 7.45) measured in blood or from 6.5 to 7.3 measured in saliva, but not right after eating (the saliva gives acidity as a first defense of the organism). For the body it is not suited  an alkalinity degree of over 8, because the growth of bacteria and parasites is favored

Remember, in an acid media we ease cancers, viruses and fungi and  in alkaline media we ease bacteria and parasites


  Of course if both forms of attack (alkalizing and oxygen) together with a careful feeding are used there is no way that cancer cells can survive, regardless of the number of metastases you have.

A careful feeding involves mainly vegetarian diet, not the sugars (everything with its chemical formula ending in "ose") and not carbohydrates
As a general rule all food coming from animals are bad if you have cancer.



It is important to know the work of Dr. Otto Warburg; he was awarded the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the leading cause of cancer and how to combat it; They have hidden his jobs despite having received two Nobel Prizes (he expected a third one for the discovery of the cause of all diseases)
Studies of Robert O. Young on alkaline diet are also very interesting


It is very interesting book The One Minute Cure.
It sets out the guidelines for the healing of all diseases  through the use of ozone and hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide food grade, his formula is H2O2); it can be downloaded in pdf format at this link:


Another interesting method for its effectiveness in curing cancer and many diseases, including several degenerative, is the Gerson Therapy; Max Gerson was a doctor who learned to heal himself and saw that his method worked well with many diseases, including cancer. Basically consists of raw food vegetarian diet, the balance between sodium and potassium and body detoxification by coffee enemas. Studying his patients Gerson saw thar sodium, an extracellular mineral, had penetrated into diseased cells displacing potassium, an intracellular mineral; so it is essential not use salt if you follow the Gerson Therapy


Another suppressed anti-cancer therapy that doesn't fail in curing cancer, with many cases of healing incurable brain tumors for conventional medicine, is the method of Dr. Burzynski using Antineoplastons, peptides that act at the same time on hundreds of genes involved in the onset and development of cancer; Dr. Burzynski was persecuted and prosecuted in two trials for the medico-pharmacological system, but his method is so effective that have failed to imprison or fine him, as the jury found him not guilty



There is also another effective method of fighting cancer; open the section The Rife Frequency Healing to see about it

All of the above refers to cancer due to acidosis and lack of oxygen, which includes the vast majority of cancers (nearly 100%); but there is now increasing danger of being affected by radioactive particles due to leaks in nuclear power plants and radioactive contamination of the atmosphere. Our defenses are prepared to make to disappear the cells affected by these particles, but if high levels of radiation reach our body, it does not have resources, because, depending on which type of particle it is stored in a different location of our body and can cause mutations in the DNA in our cells and they can start to reproduce in a disordered way, without regard to the rules. One of the most common is thyroid cancer; we can defend us of the RADIOACTIVE IODINE, which is one of the types of radioactive particles emitted, by taking normal iodine; if the radioactive iodine would reach us it would be removed from the body because our thyroid gland is not needing it (this gland can store about 50 mg of iodine). There are some iodine tablets intended for this purpose and it would be interesting collect some of them
Note 1:
  Lemon juice is also highly alkalizing (the body produces an alkaline reaction after taking this juice, despite being an acid); NOT fall into the trap of mixing lemon juice with baking soda, then both react with each other (you can see the mix bubbling) and both neutralize running out of therapeutic value. The mixing of them is a deliberate lie in which many people fell.
Note 2:
I read that sometimes only with Colloidal Silver a cancer disappeared and one time that happened with the Colloidal Silver that I prepare. It is assumed that this only should have stopped the progression of cancer.

Note 3:

it has now been found, and it has been hidden, that GM foods cause cancers in a few months the animals fed with them. In case of DNA damage by GM foods or by exposure to high radioactivity, we can make our whole body vibrates with the frequency of 528 Hz to repair DNA, that is, we have to hear this frequency without headphones; more curative could be an electromagnetic wave radiated to the frequency of 528 Hz, only this frequency, without a carrier; a generator and a coil is needed. Also adequate food, leaving the body slightly alkaline can help in these cancers, as the body will manufacture more patrol cells (macrophages) that will attack those mutated to make them disappear; the Gerson Therapy can be helpful in these cancers, as through it is greatly benefited the immune system and this is the reason why this therapy led to many healings in many different diseases.



Facts to consider:

with the allopathic medicine (which we know in the West) 102 762  patients died in Spain in 2012; trends and studies indicate that 108300 cancer patients will die in 2015 . When dies a patient of the allowed medical group, or many, nothing happens as the system did all it could do.
If a doctor realizes that they are following some inefficient healing methods that only serve to keep a part of the medical system and to promote the medical and pharmacological business and then he starts a drug treatment that differs from the usual, a prosecution begins against him. Such is the case of Dr. Tullio Simoncini; I do not agree with him on that cancer is caused by the fungus Candida albicans, although it is logical that this fungus begins to grow in the highly acidic region that became cancerous; this physician introduced a method of curing cancer that was cheap and highly effective and the allopathic medicine could not tolerate it; if to someone like this physician, an only patient would result in death he would be imprisoned regardless of whether the patient was near to die when arrived to the doctor. To stop the healings they withdrew him the license to practice medicine.
Still have doubts? buy the book THE MEDICAL MAFIA of Dr.Ghislaine Lanctot and please read it; it is a global Best Seller written by someone who practiced medicine, she realized certain matters and wrote this book; after this she was expelled from medical school and her license to practice medicine.

if you want you can download this book from internet


Read things that are able open your eyes, because so you will exercise a great service to humanity by placing you on the side of the Light. Light attracts more Light and Darkness attracts more darkness.



Why do you think that the works about cancer of someone who was awarded two Nobel Prizes because of these works were hidden? (Dr. Otto Warburg)

Summaries of his jobs can be found on the Internet. Not delay to investigate, because soon they will try you do not find anything written about these works.


El Libertario



An additional aid

Vitamin C
Vitamin C provides many benefits to the body, such as great immune system booster, disappearance of allergies, rapid improvement in cases of viral infections, great improvement of asthma or elimination of kidney stones; but it has come to cure many cases of cancer and to produce a great improvement in cases of terminal cancer; vitamin C is toxic to cancer cells.
The condition is always take a lot of vitamin C, up to 30 grams per day in cases of severe illness. This has been something systematically hidden.
This is corroborated by many works and persons such as Dr. Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize), Cameron, Louis Lasagna (University of Rochester) and have been confirmed by Saga University in Japan by Dr. Murata and others.