Religion and  Spirituality


The spiritual has nothing to do with the religious, as one releases and other ties; spirituality means to know that nothing exists outside one greater than oneself; means to know that we were not born to worship anyone or submit to anyone; means to know that one is part of the Whole, of the BEING, the only being that exists, that we are as one of his cells and that this BEING only asks to live in mutual respect, respecting the other beings and the planet that hosts us, as it is also a living being.


Spirituality involves freedom and respect while caution, which requires maintaining control over our birthrate having only the children that we could educate about spirituality; this also means to have at most two children in the event of overpopulation of the planet. To carry out a good spiritual education, besides teaching the Universal Laws, we must always give example of positive action and respect for all the creation.


Religion puts the power out of one and commands us to worship a being external to us with laws created for the convenience of the priestly class and the ruling class; regulates everything we do, threatens, intimidates and voids; stifles our freedom and even sometimes force us to make war on behalf of that God outside of one. Religion ask us to have all the children that the imposed God give us; this entails great imbalance over time and will push us to seek new territories to kill our hunger while expanding the religion; this is precisely what the priests seek; the overpopulation brings poverty, which will be linked to the lack of knowledge; this is something that also seek the priests, because the lack of knowledge makes one much more manageable, easily scared and with lack of arguments against the lies.


In short, spirituality involves both growth and liberation and religion involves multiple chains by priests and leaders; these, the priests, use to be allied to the political power, holding them sometimes the political and religious power (theocracy).

Note: my mission is to break the molds, not to perpetuate them; there may be people who immediately would reproach me that religion and spirituality are not incompatible, but this will only add a dose of confusion to the matter as it suits our enslavers
El Libertario
Religion is not just one, but hundreds.
Spirituality is one.
Religion is for sleeping people.
Spirituality is for awake.
Religion is for those who need someone else to tell them what to do, want to be led.
Spirituality is for those who listen to their inner voice.
Religion has a set of dogmatic rules.
Spirituality invites you to reason it all and to question everything.
Religion threats and intimidates.
Spirituality gives you inner peace.
Religion speaks of sin and guilt.
Spirituality tells you get up and learn from the error.
Religion represses all, you become false.
Spirituality transcends all, makes you real.
Religion is not God.
Spirituality is the Whole and therefore is God.
Religion invents.
Spirituality discovers.
Religion does not inquire nor questions.
Spirituality questions everything.
Religion is human, is organized with rules.
Spirituality is Divine, without rules.
Religion causes division.
Spirituality is causes binding.
Religion seeks you to believe.
Spirituality is to be found by you.
Religion follows the precepts of a holy book.
Spirituality seeks the sacred in all the books.
Religion feeds on fear.
Spirituality feeds on trust.
Religion makes you live in thought.
Spirituality makes you live in consciousness.
Religion deals with doing.
Spirituality deals with the Being.
Religion will feed the ego.
Spirituality makes you transcend it.
Religion makes you renounce the world.
Spirituality makes you live in God, not to give up to Him.
Religion is worship.
Spirituality is meditation.
Religion dreams with glory and paradise.
Spirituality makes you live it here and now.
Religion lives in the past and in the future.
Spirituality lives in the present.
Religion is a lockdown in your memory.
Spirituality is freedom in consciousness.
Religion believes in eternal life.
Spirituality makes you aware of it.
Religion gives you promises for after death.
Spirituality is finding God within you.

Note: this words are not mine; I do not know about the author



You have to cultivate on issues of spirituality in your spare time; in fact, at the age of the machines in which we are, we should work only four hours for the society and at least four hours we should devote to form ourselves on issues of spirituality and practices based on these ideas.

Spirituality is a valid knowledge for all galaxies (and there are millions that exist).

Do not confuse spirituality and religion, as the latter is limited to a portion of a planet, ie a small part of creation.

Religions were created in many cases by our benefactors to enter values and rules of coexistence in people mired in abject barbarism, but were later perverted by beings of darkness that were introduced in them as priests; It is time to transcend the idea of religion, because it on these days instead of freeing us it ties us.


El Libertario

Religiosity is an intimate feeling that comes with the man himself and is none other than the desire to relink, to rediscover God.
Of that feeling all human beings participate, regardless of race, education, culture or circumstances.
We must distinguish between religiosity and religion. Religiosity would be the tendency of man to return to the origin, the point from which he departed, and religion would be the institutionalization of that feeling by man.
This feeling is an absolutely personal and unique manifestation, which needs no translators or intermediaries, but it is the most authentic expression of the human being. However, all the cultures that have inhabited and inhabit the planet have created religions and schools to teach others not to identify its own momentum, but to accept a fixed pattern that, they say, contains all the necessary attributes to be a good believer and guardian of the law.
And so men have been grouped into two main categories: manipulators and manipulated: those who want to order and those who prefer to obey. Who is more responsible, he who manipulates or who leaves to be manipulated?
The Geenom Manuscripts – Teh Man Cosmic Cell