Karma is not a payment



Once we have lived many times something, regardless we have learned from it or not, no longer serve for our growth, our real learning; repeating the same experiences and feelings lock us in a circle that does not help us; are new experiences what serve us. The reason we're here is to experiment and to experience.

We must not be deceived; Secret Government agents always slip to important positions and manage to taint and misrepresenting the great teachings, such as the Karma and Reincarnation*.


It is not about "eye for an eye, tooth for tooth" of the Zionists in the subject of Karma, repeating and repeating, back to stage a hard theater play in the lifes we live and falling again, but what are important are the emotions, experiences, and how we handle them. It involves a false idea of Karma such as it has come to us distorted by agents ** of the Secret Government.


The Karma was never a payment but a mechanism for our learning and our improvement


El Libertario

*in Christianity these agents proceeded to eliminate the idea of Reincarnation in which believed the true Christians, the firsts, as the Master had taught; they, the Secret Government puppets, do this forever to sow different, divergent and opposing ideas and to create robots that follow them and wars in the long-term
**they are millions across the Earth covering all major branches in which they can influence so as not to escape us of their control




That no one is superior or inferior to another person as parts all of the same BEING is somewhat we have to internalize to make it an important part of our knowledge.

So, to become aware of this it is important and even necessary that there is something that requires us, something like what we call 'karma' in our next incarnations, but once more we should remember that karma is not a payment but a learning.

That must be * for anyone who was deceived by his religion or the traditions of his people and was led to believe that the woman is a slave of man, a being inferior to him, always at the service of the man; in places where these ideas prevail the woman is considered as a possession that has to be home, her prison, and that if she leaves her home on some occasion she should go under surveillance walking forever imprisoned under a dress to prevent being seen as if she would be a walking mummy; as an object she is purchased or her marriage is arranged and have access to it priests or rich people, even several, and the poor are contented with ideas of a paradise in which they possess many of them **.


Of course all this comes from the dark priesthood, people indoctrinated by the occult elite (sometimes unsuspectingly) as to bring Darkness and pain on earth; those who let themselves be caught by these ideas have to experience in their own person in future incarnations situations of submission similar until inside them is born something telling them that the things are not so, that freedom is a necessity for all, a gift that always is given by Love to everyone after having understood that we are all part of the same BEING and nobody is superior or inferior to anyone.


El Libertario

*because will need to be schooled
**it is comical for me remembering a situation that I lived in the Jemaa El-Fna square in Marrakech among many people; I was visiting this city as a tourist and was accompanied by four girls also tourists to whom I had met on the trip; the girls were astonished to see a young man with typical linen skirt from shoulder to feet staring at them and consoling himself by hand under the skirt, in full masturbation; unfortunately this is frequently the only output of the poor to their sexual needs either in public or alone