The true revolution


The great revolution, the true and which could last should not be carried out through the destruction or the fire, it must be done by modifying what exists, improving it, but the main and necessary change must take place within ourselves.

If a social group is destroyed or subjected by force without having changed his mind and beliefs, from its ruins and ashes will be reborn a civilization that will try to reproduce something similar to what was deleted. Note that only can keep stability all those beliefs that are sustained by a philosophy based on the search for good and that are based on Love.
The necessary transformation for this revolution must take place within us affecting our mind, our body and our environment; we have to break with our mental structures, which are what keep us hostage and move us to lash out against our surroundings despite having us created it with our collective unconscious; we should pass to work based on the positivity until our environment would result affected  and those around us; this positivity would generate an energy that would be returned expanded to us, as teaches the UNIVERSAL LAW OF RADIATION, which is one of the greatest secrets of the elite, so that it would affect a gradually increasing environment because of becoming more permeable and receptive to this energy a greater number of people. The more of this kind of energy there more beings will catch it and if it affects a large environment we would have won the revolution without bloodshed and without causing pain.
As this environment is built based on the good, the positive, it will endure over time and only be worth doing variations based on a philosophy ever directed to the good covering broader truths.

When our awakening is something consolidated we could not be impregnated so easily again by the negativity involved in the speeches and tips of those guided by the darkness and that, over time, would cause pain once more.

So would die of starvation those who feed on our fears and would abandon us.
But for this we must wake up to give way to the true revolution.
Not worth the revelry, sounding the palms or the passivity until the appropriate level of positivity is not achieved; by positivity has to be understood the work looking always for the good of the whole community including animals and plants and creating machines to do most of the work; but the man still would have important works to do: service to others and its personal cultivation in multiple fields been the main the cultivation of spirituality.
Once awakened and having acquired a sufficient level of spirituality we will learn to identify the wiles of the people of darkness, such as reproduce us as rats in order to bring new problems as the overpopulation based on false ideas, like the nation, religious ideas or tradition, as much of the tradition was inspired by people of darkness to bring us suffering in the long run. A well cultivated environment has to embrace the idea that we must only have the children that this environment can attend in their spiritual growth and on the idea of environment we must include as much the society as the land that sustains it, the plants, animals and humans.
Note that the social relationship and partner is a great tool for spiritual growth, because only through it you can be condescending, lover, charitable, teacher, student, etc., and that Unconditional Love and Freedom go hand.
All this would not free us completely from those led by the darkness, but the evils that would cause would be infinitely less.
Nor would release us from the constant choice of Darkness or Light that we will forever have with our Free Will, but we would choose the Light most of the times and, remember, the choice of Light brings us back more Light.


El Libertario