In many tribes  the ritual cranial deformation was practiced and it has continued till the present day

The gods of the antiquity had very large skulls and it is believed that the cranial deformations were attempts to imitate those ancient gods, and especially the ruling class 

 These were called Gods of Cholula*
 of Teotihuacan, the City of the Gods, Mexico
 skulls that a few years ago could be seen at the Museum of Tiwanaku, as they were found in this highland city, between 13000 and 17000 years old; these skulls have been hidden so that we can not see them; it is believed that today they are in private collections
 Comparison between a Boskop skull and one of our days; the Boskop lived in Africa between 30,000 and 10,000 years; They were similar to today's men, with a height of 5 to 6 feet, but they had little faces but skulls much larger, with a cranial capacity of about 30% higher than the current man; it is believed that they were far more intelligent than us
 Skull in Peru


Do not get fooled by the same persons of forever with their tricks (the “scientific” or people with a title); they will tell you that all the strange skulls found till today were intentionally deformed, were due to disease or inbreeding degeneration, but they will be lying to you

With mechanical cranial deformation there will never be more cranial capacity than normal and they know it. Currently many skulls are known with much greater cranial capacity than normal belonging to adult individuals without deformations due to mechanical force or disease; those who impose their dogmas hide these details always

With the mechanical deformation the head becomes pointy and depressed inwards (concave)

If the curvatures in the skull are outwardly (convexity), the pressure arose from inside as it grew; the skulls where this is seen are natural, without mechanical deformation and if they are very large they are corresponding to an attribute of its species
Individuals with hydrocephalus usually have asymmetries in the skull and they usually die when they are children, but the skulls to which I mean of large cranial capacity do not have asymmetries, are of adult and appear similar individuals in the same burials

 Modern cranial deformation


When the volume of the skull is small with respect to the individual's face this means usually cranial deformation by mechanical means, such as straps attached to the head, rags or tablets; there is also sinking in areas of the skull (collapse inwards)

 Mechanically deformed

 Modern cranial deformation

Modern cranial deformation; frequently pointy head and forever with small volume with respect to the face
 Skull of the Neolithic period found in Iran; it is pointy and has concavities, which seems to correspond to deformation by mechanical means
 Typical image for our manipulation. Those who manipulate us show us hundreds of times the same images; observe the woman's face and compare it with the volume of her head; you will see that the volume of her head is small relative to the size of her face. The child is too young, a baby; if he would have had about ten years more the relationship of his head to his face would be similar to his mother. Do not be fooled with the deformed head of a baby, it does not serve as example; to see that the volume of the head is normal, must be an adult or a child not so young and compare his head with the size of his face. As we see a pointy head and with a small volume with respect to the face it is about cranial deformation by mechanical means, not an unusual skull, but never will show you the "well paid" a skull of this type next to one of the many they found not with pointy end and with high volume with respect to the face
  mechanically deformed skull comparison with one of the Paracas (to the right); the skull on the left has the normal cranial capacity
Conehead skulls
 skull (which does not correspond to a baby, because there is no fontanelle) very large relative to the size of the face, which is not pointy; we can only see something like this in the babies that currently present us with straps tied at the head the "scientists" at the service of the hidden elite while unvoice that they have several mummies of pregnant women where it can be seen that  the fetuses already had elongated head
 old skull of Peru; not pointy
 this is the previous skull, front view
 Skull found in Puma Punku, Peru
Skull of great cranial capacity
 Skull found in Russia



 Of Adelaide, Australia; with two parietal bones


 Skull of Hungary


 Skull of Paracas; of an only parietal bone

large cranial volume with respect to what had to be the face in this individual; the opposite of what we observe with modern cranial deformation


 of Paracas
 Paracas; one parietal bone


 This is one of those found in Omsk, Siberia


 skull of Pyatigorsk, Russia


 found in Arkaim, called the Stonehenge of the Urals; of the second century AD


 of Bolivia


 Skull in a museum of Ica, Peru, also one parietal bone


 of Paracas; an only parietal bone


 of Paracas; it is clearly seen that has only a parietal bone

 Another skull in wich it is clearly observed an only parietal bone; this is not consistent with the current human species


of Paracas; red haired; this kind of hair did not exist among Native Americans

The struggle to keep the lies of the "science" in the service of the elite goes throuh events such as to have found mummies of women with Paracas type skull with a fetus inside them, having observed that the fetus already had this kind of skull and have hidden it



Paracas skull with trepan; it has only a parietal bone, red haired, the thickness of the cranial wall is doble that of the normal human (in all  these skulls), it weights 60% higher and the cranial capacity is about 25% superior to ours; DNA tests confirm that this skulls are not human 
 the DNA of this skulls is mtDNA (mitochondrial) with mutations unknown in any human, primate, or animal known so far. By DNA sequencing it shows that it is a creature very dintant from Homo Sapiensn Neanderthal and Denisova 
 Skull with perforations
 of Paracas
 of Paracas
 Found during the excavation of Machu Picchu
 Inca skull
 Inca skull; very thick walls
 Inca skull with trepanation
 Inca skull with trepanation
 of the National Museum of Anthropology in Lima
 of Lima
 of Lima
 of the National Museum of Anthropology in Lima
 Skeleton of Atacama Desert, Chile
 Ancient mummy; in the Cemetery of Chauchilla, Peru
 Huaytara mummy, Peru; it is a child, not a baby; it has an only parietal bone also
 Huaytara mummy; it is the same boy of the former image; in this museum there are several similar mummies 
 Skull of a boy, Tiahuanaco, Bolivia
 skull of a boy found in Grimaldi, France, with 11,000 years old; has unusually thin bones, its skull is wide while elongated, and which is not spherical tells us that it was not hydrocephalus; does not have concavities and cranial capacity is very large, something impossible to explain with intentional cranial deformation
 Russian and Spanish anthropologists who studied this being concluded that it must be an extraterrestrial or a type of being extinct on Earth
 of Uyuni, Bolivia

 in the Archaeologic Museum of Cochabamba, Bolivia


Remember: large cranial volume related to the face, as the "well paid" always will try to deceive you and will show them as scientists and try to led you but always hiding the main reason: that in intentionally deformed skulls the cranial capacity never will be superior to normal. You must to be careful too with the lie of the sickness that attacked to many individuals in the nearby surroundings. The Illness would never cause to have an only parietal bone instead of two


 Skulls of one parietal bone found in Malta in the megalithic temple of Hal Saflienti; they were exposed in the National Archaeological Museum of Malta, but someone ordered to make them disappear. Remember that every time there is an only parietal bone we will be facing another human race different to any of the actual races or an alien race and that those that want to keep us uninformed struggle for us not to suspect that many things do not fit in the schemes that they imposed us 



 large cranial volume with respect to the face, just the opposite of what presents us the "science" that we suffer in the service of the elite, the money and the power
 Connelly skull; its cranial capacity is twice the skull of a modern man, for while the average modern man is 1500 cc, this has 3000 cc (estimated up to 3200 cc)
Sealand skull, compared to a normal one:
 This image and the two former correspond to the skull of Sealand; found in Sealand, the biggest island of Denmark, in 2007. By carbon 14 dates back to between 1280 and 1200 B.C.
Skull found in USA; it appeared in the news to be after hidden by those that manipulate us
Known skull found in Canada


 the Earth has been populated by very strange beings; Cyclops  measured at least 2.5m and weighing about 250Kg 


Skulls in the Archaeological Museum of Lima


 of Potosí, Bolivia; this skull is called in this museum the "alien skull"




In this case the "scientists" would say that it is a fake, because we wouldn't believe that of hydrocephalus or other manipulations to keep the dogmas;  they, the "scientists", are the persons which use to falsify  systematically the proofs and do them to dissapear                  

It was found in Ladonia, Texas 
It has four fingers in hands and feet and is enclosed in a metal suit as shown in the images


 Skull of The Star Child; it has DNA that is not human; found in Mexico
 The Star Child skull
 non human skull similar to the so-called 'Star Child' that was found in Peru, but a little bit smaller than it; the eye sockets are shallow, the insertion holes of the nerves enter for different places of the head than ours, the inside of the nose is different, and also the nasal septum, the base of the skull is different and even the area where we have the teeth
 Strange being found in Giza, under the Pyramid of Cheops, in a glass sarcophagus and that seemed like hibernating
 This is one of the skulls found in Sonora, Mexico


 the "scientists" use to lie every time which they have interest and therefore they say that this is a normal human skull with large cranial deformation; it was found in Sonora, Mexico. What they do not say is that were many the similar individuals found in the same area of burials
Compare this skull with the normal human skull
Normal human skull


   "Scientists" do the unspeakable to find similarities and they find them when they have interests in it and even they find explanation for the impossible differences (usually stupid explanations). Do you see the kind of strange crest that runs from the forehead to the crown? In the normal skull you will not see it; as you can see the jaw is different from ours, much shorter; it has also prominent bones on both sides of the eyes that we do not have, but for the "science" they are alike but only with a few deformations
  Maybe they will tell you that its DNA is just like ours and it could be very similar to ours, because we are seed of the stars

 See the section "Differences between the cone head skulls and ours" 

El Libertario
*the Cholula pyramid, in Mexico, was considered the greatest on Earth for a long time; with every great pyramid of the most ancient were involved beings that came from the outer space

Recently a group of official researchers of the Human Genome Project  has indicated they made an astonishing scientific discovery: they believe that the supposed 97% of the non-coded sequences in human DNA is really genetic code of extraterrestrial life forms.

The sequences are common to all living organisms on Earth, from molds to fish, and human beings.

In human DNA, they constitute the majority of the total genome, according to Professor Sam Chang, the group leader. Non-coded sequences, originally known as "junk DNA", were discovered years ago, and their function remained a mystery.

According to this scholar, our planet and many others have been colonized by beings from other worlds and these "alien colonists" were working on a code consisting of several projects, and the projects should have produced various life forms for various planets. They wrote "the big code", executed it, did not like some function, changed or added a new one, was executed again, made more improvements and tried again and again.

Professor Chang is only one of many scientists and researchers who have discovered extraterrestrial origins to Humanity.

Avisos del Cielo _ Virginia Dangma

Your physical body will become more subtle. Your brain needs a larger receptacle because the cortex increase in size, especially in the front area.

Your functional systems such as the circulatory, nervous, respiratory, digestive and sexual will have a more harmonious functioning, as befits a more powerful and balanced energy body.

You will live, therefore, more years which means more learning time in each incarnation and telepathic communication between you and those who have died will be smooth and non-traumatic.

You will resamble more physically one to another and there will be no differences based on skin color or place of birth. Neither will you be separated by religions, because these will give way to a more universal concept of transcendence.

Finally the human goal of living in harmony will be a reality, but first it is necessary that the men of the Earth break the chains that bind them to a dark past, where mystery and falsehood have shaped his values and reason for living.




 Paracas skull type, in stone


 Paracas skull type, in stone


 the same former artifact, lateral view



 Tiny race of Monte San Pedro, Wyoming, USA; by studies that were made to this mummy it was concluded that he must have died at least 65 years old; his stature was about 36 cm, but this was the height of his race, he was not a dwarf.
In Ohio many skeletons of this type were found in a cemetery

In 1876 in Tennessee were discovered thousands of people like this, about 36 cm in height, in an area of six hectares


 Skeleton of a small being of this type found in Antarctica; is less than 33 cm and has an age of 600 million years





 ancient skull of great cranial capacity



 deformed human skull or alien; such is the deformation of the bones of the face and jaw that can not be explained by hydrocephalus



Do not be deceived by certain creations

A Japanese man named Takeshi Yamada performs "creations" that will serve very well those who always deceived us to continue deceiving, as these occasionally hang one of this alien skulls on the network saying that it has recently been found, which is a petrified skull, which is millions of years old and they indicate a place where it was found; but it will be very easy to evidence that all this is false when someone shows it as an example;  then we will not believe nothing, not even what is true and this is what they want; it is a tactic frequently used by our enslavers.
It is a disservice which lends this Japanese to the humanity and a great service to those who take advantage of it



 Skull found in Germany in the area of Bavaria; it is exhibited in a museum in Tüchersfeld; 20 of these skulls were found between women and men
We must never forget that when the bones of pregnant women were found with this type of skull, the fetus skull had elongated skull also and the hidden interests of the science are doing to hide this fact to us
 Woman skull found in Germany; it is exhibited in the Württembergisches  Landesmuseum of Stutgart
  Skull of a Merovingian woman found in France 
 of Oruro, Bolivia
 of Huaraz, Peru
 of Tasmania, Australia
 of Texas, USA
 of Wisconsin, USA
 of Stavropol, Russia; it has strange eye sockets

 With absolute certainty, the people of the hidden elite have many hidden skulls with which there would be no doubt that those skulls are of our space brothers, but that material never will be shown to the common people

 strange skulls that the hidden elite hides us


 the so called Star Child skull compared to ours
 another image of the Starchild of Mexico
 side view of the Starchild of Peru
 Starchild of Peru
 bottom view of the previous skull